Zive is the productivity software company behind Kiwi for Gmail. Based in New York City, Zive is devoted to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless, and simple. The company is led by a team experienced with raising over $14M in venture funding and creating consumer electronics that have been featured internationally in the Apple Store and Best Buy.

After long-term exposure to the leadership of Apple, Bose and iRobot, the Zive team developed a passionate design philosophy for creating humanistic, friendly products that are also powerful. We firmly believe that our products make real differences in peoples lives by making the tools they rely on not only more useful, but also more elegant and intuitive.

Eric Shashoua
CEO and Founder

Eric is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for consumer electronics and software. His devotion to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless, and simple is reflected in every aspect of Zive’s products. Eric previously started and led Zeo, Inc., where he raised $14M in VC funding and launched the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach in the US and Europe. His management philosophy has been strongly influenced by the CEOs of Bose and iRobot, who were active members of Zeo's board. Eric was raised in Atlanta and graduated from Brown University.

Ryan Shetley
CTO and Founder

Ryan led the entire Kiwi for Gmail development process, from initial design and prototyping to building and then submitting the app to the Apple Mac App Store for launch. He shares Eric’s devotion to design and his engineering approach focuses intensely on creating streamlined user experiences that make using software seamless to customers. Ryan built much of Kiwi for Gmail while living in The Philippines but has now returned to Missouri where he was born and raised.

Eric Wanta

Eric oversees all marketing strategy and programs for the company. He is an experienced marketing executive with deep strategic and tactical experience who led the marketing functions at Lycos, Aquent and several other startups. Eric’s strong skill set and unique perspective comes from spending many years working with a wide variety of companies on both the agency and client sides. He was raised in Wisconsin and has a degree in Economics from Harvard and a MBA from Yale.

Alan Teague
Vice President of Engineering

Alan has an extensive background leading and solving complex software problems. With a focus on designing, building and managing software solutions, he has overseen numerous products and integrations going from concept to commercialization. With over 30-years of experience, Teague’s strong engineering and management skills will enable significantly enhanced execution without compromising the company's core product values. Before joining Zive, Teague was the Chief Architect and Senior Technical Director at Perforce Software. Teague has been involved in startups at all levels and holds both an MS and BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Páll Ívarsson
Vice President of Product and Customer Service

Páll oversees all customer relations at Zive with a heavy focus on the user experience. He is highly organized and detail-oriented, favoring simplicity and function in software design. Before joining us, Páll worked as a designer and project manager for CCP, a computer game maker. He worked on 13 separate expansions of "EVE online", a science-fiction massively multi-player online game. Páll was raised in Iceland and educated at Háskólinn-Reykjavík University.

Doug Davidoff
Director of Marketing Communications

Doug is Zive’s main voice on social media and responsible for creating compelling content for our blog. He respects things that are well made, including software. Prior to Zive, Doug worked as a newspaper reporter covering politics, and the automotive and steel industries. While he has lived all over the eastern United States, he now lives in his native Connecticut.

Disclaimer: Though we love Gmail and we love the Mac, Zive is not affiliated in any way with either Google nor Apple and is an independent third party. Kiwi for Gmail, is a product made entirely by Zive, Inc. and no other company.