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If you're a student, chances are you rely on Gmail for both your personal and school-issued email. Plus, you're probably a heavy user of G Suite apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides because they've emerged as key tools for students to complete their classwork and collaborate with classmates on a daily basis. Here are five ways Kiwi for G Suite can help you become a more organized and efficient version of yourself. you’re about to become a more organized and efficient version of yourself. Here are five ways our app can help change your college experience for better.

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Gmail lets you use an infinite number of addresses with each of your accounts. You can use these "disposable addresses" to automatically assign labels to mail coming from different people or organizations. While setting up an infinite number of email addresses is easy if you’re using a normal @Gmail account, it’s a bit more complicated when you’re using a custom domain (not a typical one).

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We all have to work late occasionally, but if you find yourself staying past dinner time more often than not, it’s time to make a change before it negatively impacts your performance. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, read our tips below on how to finish work on time.

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Computer servers do not distinguish between upper-case and lower-case letters in email addresses. So why use capital letters? Because of a couple things that do not matter to computers - your eyes.

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Did you know that Gmail lets you use an infinite number of addresses with each of your Gmail accounts? Here's an overview of how to generate these addresses and use them to automatically assign labels to mail coming from different people or organizations.

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Whether you realize it or not, your emails say a lot about you. What you say and how you say it becomes part of how you’re perceived by colleagues at work. Important emails are saved, referred to again, and often forwarded to others who form opinions of you based on them. These are the 7 things you shouldn’t do when emailing your boss.

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Zive's new enterprise edition, called “Kiwi for G Suite,” is now available to allow organizations like offices, universities, and not-for-profits to use all the great functionality of Google’s G Suite apps in a better way.

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Ed Bott, a tech reviewer for, writes that Kiwi for Gmail is "an extremely clever app."

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We are thrilled to announce that Windows users now have access to Kiwi for Gmail.

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Both Mac and PC Users Now Able To Increase Productivity With Critically Acclaimed Desktop Application.

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Kiwi For Gmail 2.0 Now an MS Office-like Application for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

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Popular Gmail plugin Boomerang comes to the Mac App Store’s highest rated email application.

Posted August 25, 2016 in Press Releases

Zive, Inc. announces that Kiwi for Gmail, which turns Gmail into an easy to use, full-featured email app, has eclipsed all other email apps in the Mac App Store.

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Our Founder and CEO, Eric Shashoua, was recently featured on Business Rockstars. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, he stopped by their studios and was interviewed by host Pat O’brien about his path as an entrepreneur and why he’s so excited about Kiwi for Gmail.

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Kiwi for Gmail's new Share Extension makes it even easier to send files and even entire folders from anywhere with a simple right-click.

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Zive, Inc., releases the biggest and best version ever of Kiwi for Gmail! Version 1.9 significantly improves the experience of using Kiwi for Gmail by delivering rock-sold steady performance — as well as adding a new and incredibly useful Mac-based feature that will transform again how you use Gmail. Introducing the Sharing Extension.

Posted July 13, 2016 in Press Releases

Company releases heavily anticipated new version of Kiwi for Gmail, available internationally at the Mac App Store.

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Small and medium-sized businesses benefit when they marry Kiwi for Gmail to a Google Apps for Work account and shift all their email over to Gmail.

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Thanks to Gmail's capabilities to work with other email accounts, you can use Kiwi for Gmail with most any email account.

Posted May 18, 2016 in Press Releases

Kiwi for Gmail, the popular Gmail upgrade for Mac users, keeps getting better, but you won’t hear about it at Google I/O.

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Kiwi for Gmail no longer supported for users of OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

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Millennial Magazine writes about Kiwi for Gmail -- and takes note

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Users may select individual sounds to indicate mail inbound to each Kiwi for Gmail account.

Posted April 26, 2016 in Tech Tips

How to set up your Mac to prefer Kiwi for Gmail as its automatic go-to app for handling email.

Posted April 14, 2016 in Product Development

The new version of Kiwi for Gmail is now undergoing Beta testing.

Posted April 12, 2016 in Tech Tips

Instructions to read and write Apple mail inside Kiwi for Gmail

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When reading a message, using SHIFT+CLICK on the popout-window icon allows the user to move the incoming message to a more convenient location.

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The message compose window's ability to appear anywhere on the desktop is one of the coolest features offered by Kiwi for Gmail.

Posted March 15, 2016 in Product Development

Zive, Inc., will soon publish a new version for Kiwi for Gmail. First, Beta testers are needed to help Zive put the new product through the most thorough quality assurance paces.

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It’s with joy and pride that we announce to you the name and icon change of our groundbreaking client for Gmail — formerly known as “Gmail for Mac”, we’re now “Kiwi for Gmail”! This coincides with the launch of our new website today, in anticipation of our upcoming product release.