In Kiwi for Gmail, SHIFT+CLICK Pops A Message Into A Window You May Position Where Needed
Posted March 31, 2016 in Tech Tips
Click+Shift Illustration

By PALL IVARSSON Vice Presidernt for Product and Customer Service
ZIVE, INC., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

A previous "tech tip" blog post showed you a handy Kiwi for Gmail keyboard shortcut to make a new "compose message window" appear from anywhere on your Mac desktop. Now I'm going to explain a really useful variation of that feature called the "popout message window."

The popout message window enables you to move any message you receive in Kiwi for Gmail into its very own window. Then, just like the compose message window, you can reposition the new window to a place on your desktop that's most effective for the project or task you're working on.

People find this feature really useful. Not only can they position an incoming message wherever they want, but also they can open and work with multiple messages -- from different email accounts -- at the same time. This is another unique feature of Kiwi for Gmail that's unavailable when using Gmail through its traditional browser interface.

The screenshot above shows an example. Let's run through the steps in a bit more detail ...


You receive a message that you'd like to position next to a webpage that you and the message writer are talking about. But the big Kiwi for Gmail window has a lot of information in it, and the incoming message is a small part of the real estate in the window. Moreover, the browser window winds up hidden behind the Kiwi for Gmail window. What to do?

So, find the message popout icon in the top right corner of the message in Gmail. In the illustration above, we enlarged the icon so you could see it better.

SHIFT+CLICK on the icon. This means that you hold down the SHIFT key and while doing so, you CLICK on the icon with your mouse or trackpad.


Voila! The incoming message is now in its own window. But the window is probably on top of Kiwi for Gmail. This is not likely to be the screen setup you want.


Find the other window, which in this case is the webpage in a browser window.  Move the message close to it. Now you can respond while visually consulting the webpage to which the incoming message refers. Cool? Yes, very cool.

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