New and Improved Version of Kiwi for Gmail Is Now in Beta Testing
Posted April 14, 2016 in Product Development

By ZIVE, INC., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

The team at Zive, Inc., is pleased to announce that the Beta version of the new version of Kiwi for Gmail is now in the hands of hundreds of beta testers worldwide. We hope to publish the new and improved version of Kiwi for Gmail soon. We cannot wait to bring this new edition of our product to you!

Volunteers are welcome to join the Beta test program. Sign up here.

Let us know what you think of this post about Beta testing for the new version of Kiwi for Gmail. You may leave a comment below. Do you have other questions about Kiwi for Gmail? Post those to Facebook or tweet us @KiwiforGmail. We're also on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Write to our product support team by emailing You may enroll as a Beta tester for our impending new version.