It’s Easy To Set Kiwi For Gmail As Your Mac’s Default Mail App
Posted April 26, 2016 in Tech Tips
Kiwi for Gmail can be your default email handler

By DOUG DAVIDOFF Director of Public Relations
ZIVE, INC., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

Our latest “Tuesday tech tip” is as easy as it is important. I’d like to show you how to set Kiwi for Gmail as the default mail handler for your Mac computer.

This is one of Kiwi for Gmail’s great features, a point where it exceeds the possibilities for Gmail in the web browser. Because it’s a desktop app, Kiwi for Gmail can easily be established as the mail handler for your Mac.

This means that when you click on a link that would lead to sending an email to someone else, Kiwi for Gmail will offer you either a compose window (if you have just one account) or a window letting you pick which account to use (if you have two or more accounts).

Pretty neat, huh? Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Apple Mail. That’s right. To do this chore, you have to open the native Apple Mail app that many of us want to run away from. I promise, you must do this only once!

2. As soon as Mail will let you, open its preference pane. You may have to suffer with a spinning beach ball for a while. Eventually, Mail will get a grip on itself and give you control of the program. Patience! When you can, proceed via the menubar to Mail > Preferences > [Preference Pane Opens] > General Tab.

 3. Make Kiwi for Gmail the default mail handler. The top line of the General tab on the Mail preference pane is the place to select Kiwi for Gmail as the “default email reader.” Pick Kiwi  for Gmail from the drop-down list.

4. You’re Just About Done! Click the red button in the top-left corner of the Mail preference pane to close the pane. Use CTL+Q to quit out of Mail itself — and say “Goodbye,” too, because you might not ever open Mail again.

5. Find An Email Link. Try it! When you click on a link to send an email, Kiwi for Gmail should open. Hooray!

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