Sounds Like -- Fun and Useful! Kiwi for Gmail Users May Select Unique Sounds for Each Account
Posted May 3, 2015 in Tech Tips
Sounds you can make when your mail arrives in Kiwi for Gmail

By DOUG DAVIDOFF Director of Public Relations
Zive, Inc., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

One of Kiwi for Gmail’s strongest selling points is its ability to handle email for up to six Gmail accounts. Moreover, Kiwi for Gmail can make a noise to tell you when an email message is delivered to each account — or it can be directed to make a sound only when an email judged by Gmail to be important arrives.

But how to know which email account is receiving the new email? Simple!

Zive Inc., maker of Kiwi for Gmail, built in a library of sounds.

You can set each of your six accounts to a different sound.

After time, you’ll learn which sound means “My Boss” or “My Client” wants my attention, versus “My Child” needs me, versus “Great-Aunt Gertrude is writing.”

You can also set each account to notify you of every incoming email or only the most important emails. Which means, “Sorry, Great-Aunt Gertrude. You didn’t make it through the ‘important-only’ filter. Your email will arrive — but it will arrive noiselessly.”

How to do this? As usual, we have step-by-step instructions.

1. Open the Kiwi for Gmail preference pane. Navigate from the menubar to Kiwi for Gmail >  Preferences … > Accounts tab.

2. Click on the first account. Pick a color to represent this account. Then pick a sound. You have 12 choices: basso, blow, bottle, frog, funk, glass, morse, ping, pop, purr, sosumi, and submarine.

Can you find all the Kiwi for Gmail sounds in the wonderful illustration above by our artist Anton?

3. After you set the first account, repeat for all subsequent accounts.

Have fun. Don’t regret leaving any sound behind, because now you know how to go into preferences and add that lonely sound to your menu later.


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