The Gmail Upgrade That Google Won't Announce -- From Zive
Posted May 18, 2016 in Press Releases
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NEW YORK (May 18, 2016) -- The popular Gmail upgrade for Mac users keeps getting better, but you won’t hear about it at Google I/O.

Usage of Kiwi for Gmail, which launched last summer after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, continues to grow rapidly with new users from around the world.

While millennials have come to depend on Gmail and often use multiple accounts, more and more users recognize the inherent limitations of accessing Gmail through an outdated browser window while working on their desktop computers.

“For key productivity tools like email, most people still prefer to work on their desktops,” says Eric Shashoua, founder and CEO of Zive, maker of Kiwi for Gmail.

“Kiwi for Gmail takes all the great Gmail functionality people know and love and combines it with the simplicity of the Mac to provide an elegant and powerful application.”

As a fast-moving start up, ZIve is more nimble than Google and able to more quickly react to the the evolving needs of Gmail users. Zive's commitment to constantly improve the Gmail user experience permeates everything the company does, Shashoua said.

"The true power of Gmail can only be unleashed by freeing it from the browser," says Eric Wanta, Zive’s chief marketing officer.

“We transform what is essentially a complicated webpage into a true desktop application that allows us to add compelling new features while continuing to leverage the cloud."

Kiwi for Gmail anticipates accelerated growth as it releases additional features in the coming months.

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Doug Davidoff, Director of Public Relations for Zive, Inc. | mobile +1 (617) 955-7520

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