Beyond Gmail #3 of 3: Kiwi for Gmail and Google Apps are a Great Combo for Small Business
Posted June 21, 2016 in Tech Tips


By DOUG DAVIDOFF Director of Public Relations
ZIVE, INC., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

There aren’t many bargains left in the world. But if you’re a small business — or even if you’re an individual with your own website and domain (and who isn’t these days?) — then I nominate Google Apps for Work as the best bargain for managing your website, your domain, and your email.

Which means, of course, you can use Kiwi for Gmail for all the users on your domain — provided they’re all using Mac computers, of course.

With Kiwi for Gmail, you and your team have the ability to manage your personal email accounts alongside your business email simultaneously. Your users keep their work and business emails separate, but bundled together for easy viewing and easy message-writing. It’s an outstanding small business solution at a minimal price.

Kiwi for Gmail makes Gmail as a business solution much more accessible and convenient. Gmail is effortless with Kiwi for Gmail. (Someone told us their own interpretation: “Kiwi for Gmail makes Gmail work when you feel lazy!”)

Is this expensive? Answer: No

If you have a personal domain and a personal email address that goes with it, you receive a lot of enhanced Google features — including tech support! Really! — for just $5 per month per person. Since I am the only person who uses my personal domain, I benefit from all these features for $5 a month

If I added a few family members to my domain, it’d cost just $5 per head per month. (Real, live tech support from Google? For $5/month? Wow!) Call me nuts, but I think that’s a good deal.

Moreover, you get all the power of the full suite of Google office apps available to use and customized with your domain, right down to your logo.

In fact, that’s exactly how we here at Zive Inc. run our business. It’s largely with Google Apps. For some of the personal websites I have on the side, that’s how I do it, too. In fact, the smaller organizations like solo-preneurs or the growing shops with a dozen or so workers make out like bandits with Google Apps.

Sold? Here’s how to leverage all the power of Google, including Gmail, for your domain. 


Step 1

Decide if it’s for you. Take a look at the overall package. Then look at the options presented here prepared by Google.

Step 2

Check out the pricing. You’re probably going to do fine with the $5 per user per month plan. (Yes, for our non-U.S. readers, that was the pricing plan in U.S. dollars. Hunt around for the pricing in your currency.) As for Kiwi for Gmail, it is a onetime $10 (USD) cost per person.

Step 3

Sign up. You’re going to love it. There’s a fair amount of settings to pick and choose from. Have fun making the best choices for you, your domain, and your organization or personal domain. Fortunately, Google walks you through every step carefully.

If you have problems along the way, Google has a great set of FAQs to help.

I also recommend two non-Google articles to help you:

  • Andy Wolber of TechRepublic writes about setting up Google Apps in five easy steps
  • It’s a little old — well, having been published in 2012, it’s very old in tech years, which are kind of like dog years — and yet this article in Entrepreneur by Jonathan Blum and Alex Dalexburg includes just the right level of technical screenshots about setting up Google Apps. It’s mostly current. So it’s a good pick to get you started; just ignore any discrepancies where screens have been updated.

Step 4

The best part. Now everyone in your organization (provided they’re on a Mac) can use Kiwi for Gmail, even for their new Google Apps domain email addresses. Just sign in with your Google Apps domain address. Gmail and Kiwi for Gmail will work easily to verify you and add your account.

Now your whole business is using the most highly-rated email app on the Mac App Store — Kiwi for Gmail! It’s a new day. Enjoy!

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