Celebrate Kiwi for Gmail’s Biggest Update Ever!
Posted July 15, 2016 in Product Development
The little Zive blobs celebrate release of Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9

By DOUG DAVIDOFF Director of Content and Customer Events
ZIVE, INC., maker of Kiwi for Gmail

We just released the biggest and best version ever of Kiwi for Gmail!

Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 is now available on the Apple Mac App Store and on our website. Current users will receive it via an automatic update — unless they’ve turned these updates off.

Version 1.9 significantly improves the experience of using Kiwi for Gmail by delivering rock-sold steady performance — as well as adding a new and incredibly useful Mac-based features that will transform again how you use Gmail.

“Our team couldn’t be happier and more confident about the advantages and features Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 brings to Gmail users on the Mac,” said Eric Shashoua, co-founder and CEO of Zive, Inc., maker of Kiwi for Gmail.

Our team devoted six months of groundbreaking technical development into this product, and hundreds of people in our global user community helped us test this version on their own Macs,” Shashoua said. “Their commitment to helping us develop Version 1.9 demonstrates their commitment to using Kiwi for Gmail as the best email app for marrying the intelligence of Gmail to the elegance of the MacOS operating system."

Let’s go over the ways Version 1.9 of Kiwi for Gmail serves current users and new users alike. 

STABILITY. Kiwi for Gmail now has a completely re-engineered engine under its hood. The hundreds of beta testers worldwide showed us that Version 1.9 is a completely reliable performer. Simply put, Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 is a software champ.

INTRODUCING THE ‘SHARE EXTENSION.’ You already know you can use Kiwi for Gmail as the default email handler for your Mac. But now, in just one quick easy step, you can set up your Mac to send a file from many programs or a web page from Safari to a friend, colleague, or family member by simply right-clicking and signaling Kiwi for Gmail to compose an email with the URL or file already attached. The share extension, an Apple MacOS feature now adopted by Kiwi for Gmail, also works when you’re working on your Mac offline. It cues up files or URLs for Kiwi for Gmail to help you send once the Mac is reconnected to the internet.

You can use the Share Extension to send files using Kiwi for Gmail from Notes, Photos, Preview, Safari, Contacts, and many other apps. Or, use it to send web addresses (URLs) from Safari. Kiwi for Gmail will even automatically zip up folders you select and get them ready to transmit with Google Drive.

IMPROVED CONNECTION TO YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNTS. We’ve also re-worked the authentication system used by Kiwi for Gmail to keep you signed into your Gmail accounts and/or your Google Apps for Work accounts without interruption.

Kiwi for Gmail is better than ever at remembering you and keeping you signed into your Gmail accounts. The fact is: Google requires some Gmail accounts to sign in at certain calendar intervals or after a certain events. But with Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9, it will become a rare occasion when you are asked to sign again into Gmail accounts again if you are already signed into your accounts.

EMOJIS! You can now use the MacOS emoji and system keyboard shortcuts in Version 1.9 of Kiwi for Gmail. We hope this make you happy!

IMPROVED HANDLING OF GRAPHICS. Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 not only saves battery life but also employs our snappiest rendering ever along with better window placement to display graphics.

IMPROVED UN-READ MESSAGE COUNT. Reading an email, “un-reading” an email, archiving an email, deleting an email, and other actions with emails trigger instantaneous new counts of unread messages in the inbox of each of your Gmail accounts.


  • New keyboard shortcuts!  ⌘+ for Preferences,  ⌘+N for New Message,  ⌘+E for new Google Calendar events, and ⌃+⌘+SPACE for MacOS Emojis and keyboard special symbols.
  • Improved access to Google Contacts in Gmail accounts and accounts using Google Apps for Work.
  • Ability to print PDFs from the Kiwi for Gmail document view (taken from Google Drive).
  • Ability to set Kiwi for Gmail to startup at launch.
  • URLs open easily in the default system browser.
  • Click on the Kiwi for Gmail dock icon to show the main Kiwi for Gmail window.
  • Smooth recovery from network outages.
  • Tons of performance and memory improvements.
  • Better full-screen support
  • An end to annoying white and gray blank windows.

Where do we go from here?

We continue to innovate. We know many users are eager for Gmail plugins to work in Kiwi for Gmail. Version 1.9 provides the platform to develop plugins. It now becomes a primary task for our software development team.

With invaluable assistance of unpaid beta users around the globe, the Zive staff is confident that Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 will work for you just right. We think we’ve produced a vastly improved form of Kiwi for Gmail, already the most highly rated email client on the Mac App Store.

We hope Kiwi for Gmail Version 1.9 elevates your Gmail experience on the Mac to an even higher level. We can’t wait to find out how it works for you.