Our New Share Extension Makes Sharing Files via Gmail Easier Than Ever Before
Posted July 26, 2016 in Tech Tips
Sharing files is now easier than ever with Kiwi for Gmail.

One of the great new features in version 1.9 is our new share extension which makes it even easier to send files and even entire folders from anywhere! Whether you're sharing a single file, multiple files, or even entire folders, now you can do it directly from the finder or desktop with a simple right-click.

You can also share content directly from applications that support Sharing such as Photos, Contacts, Safari and others. Plus you can even share highlighted text. If the text is long, we automatically transform it into an attached text document to make things as simple as possible.

Before using this the Share Extension, you need to make sure you have the full version of Kiwi for Gmail and do a quick initial setup which includes the following steps:

  1. Click on the Apple Symbol at the top of your window (in the OSX Menu bar)
  2. Choose "System Preferences"
  3. Then click on "Extensions" in System Preferences Pane and select the "Share Menu"
  4. In the list of All third-party extensions, look for Kiwi for Gmail and click the box
  5. Close System Preferences

That’s it. You’re now set up and ready to start sharing. To use the feature simply:

  1. Right-click on any file or folder
  2. Go to "Share"
  3. Select "Kiwi for Gmail"

If you want to share directly from apps that support sharing, you'll see a OSX standard share icon. You should:

  1. Click on the Share button
  2. Select Kiwi for Gmail from the menu

Once you start using this feature you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it because it makes sharing files easier and faster than ever before!