Zive Announces Addition of Boomerang to Company’s Latest Version of Top-Rated Kiwi for Gmail App
Posted October 17, 2016 in Press Releases

New York, NY - October 17, 2016 - Zive, Inc., a consumer software company devoted to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless and simple, today announced that it’s latest release of Kiwi for Gmail now supports the popular Gmail plugin Boomerang.

Boomerang is widely employed by Gmail users who recognize the productivity gains it delivers. Using Kiwi for Gmail to access all the great features of Gmail and Boomerang enables both individuals and enterprises to make emailing even more intuitive and efficient.

Kiwi for Gmail takes both Gmail and Boomerang out of the browser and delivers a much improved user experience as a polished desktop application. It also enables each application to be used seamlessly across multiple accounts.

The Boomerang plugin for Kiwi for Gmail allows you to:

  • Schedule sending of emails at specific times
  • Remove messages from your inbox and have them return when you specify
  • Boomerang emails back to your inbox if you haven’t received a reply in a set amount of time  

“Out of all the all available Gmail plugins, Boomerang quickly emerged as the one most requested by our users, and we can understand why,” said Eric Shashoua, Zive founder & CEO. “Now - with Kiwi for Gmail -  Boomerang can be used seamlessly across multiple Gmail accounts with improved functionality and an unprecedented user experience, because we take it out of the browser and enable people to access it via a fully integrated desktop app.” Shashoua added, “Kiwi for Gmail and Boomerang are a powerful combination. The reasons why Boomerang appeals to people are the same reasons why people love Kiwi for Gmail - they’re both great productivity tools whose functionality enhances how they send email through Gmail.”

Zive’s Kiwi for Gmail application has the highest overall rating (average rating for all versions) of all email apps in Apple’s Mac App Store since its beta debut in 2015, surpassing other well-known apps such as AIrMail, Unibox and Go for Gmail.  A full-featured email app for Mac users, Kiwi for Gmail takes pure Gmail and frees it from the web browser, advancing Gmail with new and improved features. Mac users have given both Kiwi for Gmail (paid) and Kiwi for Gmail Lite (free) 4.5 out of 5.0 stars, far surpassing the ratings of its competitors. For more information on Zive and Kiwi for Gmail, go to .

About Zive. Inc.

Zive is the producer of Kiwi for Gmail, a new email desktop application for Mac users. Based in New York City, Zive is a productivity software company that is devoted to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless, and simple. The company is led by a team experienced with raising over $14M in venture funding and creating consumer electronics that have been featured internationally in the Apple Store and Best Buy. After long-term exposure to the leadership of Apple, Bose and iRobot, the Zive team developed a passionate design philosophy for creating humanistic, friendly products that are also powerful.