Our New Windows Editions Lets Gmail Users 'Break Free of the Browser,' Writes
Posted July 13, 2017 in In The News
From "Kiwi for Gmail lets Window users break free of the browser." Writes the reviewer: "Enter the solution, an extremely clever app called Kiwi for Gmail."

You can end your love/hate relationship with Gmail.

You can stop hunting through a mess of browser tabs to find the one with your Gmail inside.

And you can stop worrying about signing in and out of multiple Gmail accounts.

You might even enjoy separate windows for each of your Google G Suite documents and spreadsheets, as well as for your Google Calendar and Gmail.

These are among the many advantages that expert tech reviewer Ed Bott of ZDNet sees in our new Windows edition of Kiwi for Gmail.

“Enter the solution, an extremely clever app called Kiwi for Gmail,” he wrote. “Mac users will recognize the app but it’s brand new on Windows. And after using it for the past month I’m happy to kiss browser-based email goodbye.”

“If you’re like me,” he added, “you’ll be hooked.”

Well, we could not agree more. And we’re grateful for the praise.

Mr. Bott also appreciated Kiwi for Gmail’s integration with G Suite and other Google productivity apps, like Calendar and Drive.

“In my testing, the integration with Google Apps is extremely slick,” he wrote. “Each document/sheet/slide deck opens in its own window, making it easy to arrange them side by side and find them from the taskbar.”

And, he added, “The ability to switch between a personal account and a paid G Suite account just by clicking a tab is worth the price of admission for me.”

Zive invites you to take advantage of our 30-day free trial to look over Kiwi for Gmail’s new Windows edition to see how it can transform your experiences with Gmail and G Suite. Or look at our same app for Mac.