How to Get the Most out of Gmail with Kiwi
Posted January 19, 2018 in Tech Tips

13 years ago, Gmail burst onto the scene and quickly became a formidable contender in the email sphere. With more than 1B monthly active users, it’s safe to assume majority of individuals have at one point had experience navigating the platform. If your work uses Gmail, it’s likely that much of the day is spent checking your inbox (if it ever even closes).

We’re all used to the basics—such as labeling, deleting and archiving, but Gmail has a few tricks up its sleeve that can make you the most efficient version of yourself. Below we’ve compiled three of our favorite tips to help maximize the workday.

Use Boomerang Future

If you’ve never considered the idea of how scheduling emails in advance can make your life better, it’s time to wake up and realize the possibilities. This feature not only helps manage your inbox, but it helps improve communication and can help foster your career.

With this tool, you can scratch “follow up” off your to-do list by scheduling your follow up in advance. Boomerang doesn’t just let you schedule emails out to other people—it also lets you schedule them back to yourself. This allows you to sort through the clutter and bring it back when to yourself when you need it, remind yourself to stay in touch with your network, and keep your goals top of mind three months down the line.

To access Boomerang in Kiwi for Gmail, it needs to be enabled on each account.

In Preferences / Settings, access the Accounts tab and select the account you wish to enable Boomerang.

At the bottom select Enable Boomerang. The account will reload and then it will be available for you to schedule your first email!

Try the Zen Switch

When you look at your inbox, how many of your emails deserve immediate attention? Now, think of how many times you open your inbox the moment you receive an email because of your notification. Unless your job requires an instant reply, how frequently you check your email is harming your productivity. According to recent studies, it takes an average of 64 seconds to fully recover from being interrupted by an email.

The Zen Switch allows you to temporarily shut off all the noise of email. By hiding email counts, badges, and notifications until the next day, you can keep your focus and momentum going when working on tasks. If you want to take it a step further, schedule out your entire day. From meetings to working to meet deadlines to scheduling time on your calendar a few times a day to check your email.

Assign Unique Sounds

Most people have multiple email accounts to keep work and play separate. With Kiwi for Gmail’s ability to house up to six Gmail accounts in one place, we know a thing or two about efficiency. One of the best ways to know instantly if you received an email is by the sound it makes. But how to know which email account is receiving the new email? You can set each of your six accounts to a different sound and know if it is urgent.

How to do this? As usual, we have step-by-step instructions.

  1. Open the Kiwi for Gmail preference pane. Navigate from the menu bar to Kiwi for Gmail >  Preferences … > Accounts tab.
  2. Click on the first account. Pick a color to represent this account. Then pick a sound. You have 12 choices: basso, blow, bottle, frog, funk, glass, morse, ping, pop, purr, sosumi, and submarine.
  3. After you set the first account, repeat for all subsequent accounts.

You now have the tools to ramp up the productivity in your work day. Download Kiwi for Gmail and let us know if these features improved your life like they did ours.