So what is Kiwi for Gmail exactly?

Kiwi for Gmail is a desktop application for Mac & Windows, that takes Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides out of the browser, and transforms them into robust, powerful desktop applications. 

Does Gmail have a Desktop Application?

Surprisingly, no. Gmail only offers an application for iPhone/Android devices. Gmail does not currently offer a desktop application for Mac and Windows. However, as a Google Cloud Partner, Kiwi for Gmail is the creme de la creme of Gmail desktop apps.

Do I need Gmail to use Kiwi?

Yes. As the name suggests, Kiwi is for Gmail. We do not support other email providers at this time. 

What are the benefits of using Kiwi?

Our clients report increased productivity, better time management, and less time spent in email. Our own studies have shown that Kiwi increases user adoption of Google Workspace, and saves users 30 minutes per day on average - that normally would have been spent switching between browser tabs, and signing in-and-out of multiple accounts. 

Okay, I'm convinced. How do I download Kiwi?

Simply visit our pricing page to select the plan that best suits your needs, and you'll download Kiwi for your Mac or Windows device. 

How do I set up Kiwi for Gmail?

Set-up is simple. Visit our Quick Start Guide for help.

How do I use Kiwi for Gmail?

We have a video highlighting the best features of Kiwi and how to use them.

What are some of the best features of Kiwi for Gmail?

Some of our favorite features are: Do Not Disturb, adding and managing up to 9 gmail accounts in one application, Recent Document Recall, Cloud Search and more. Keep an eye out for our new Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 Features coming Spring 2023. 

Are there any cons to using Kiwi for Gmail?

Well - yes. To be honest, once you use Kiwi for Gmail, you'll never go back to Gmail in a browser.