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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Mac OS

Kiwi for Gmail is available in the Mac App store. You can get to it by opening the App Store app on your Mac and searching for “Kiwi for Gmail.” You may also click the App Store link on our homepage.


The windows version of Kiwi for Gmail can be downloaded directly from our website. Click on the Order button above, select Windows and hit the download button.

Kiwi for Gmail Lite is free and available in the Mac App Store. The Lite version of Kiwi for Gmail supports one Gmail account and lacks some key features, such as the Do Not Disturb switch, important-only notifications, keyboard shortcuts, and account themes.

Our Windows version offers a 30 day trial after which a purchase is needed to retain all features.

If your on Windows and have a discount code for Kiwi, you must do the following to redeem it:

Download Application. The application will have a menu which defaults to a 30 day trial.

Click Subscribe. A new dialog window will open to walk you throught the process. You must enter some information first before being able to enter the discount code.

  • The first screen will ask you to enter your email address. After doing so, click the green "Continue" button
  • The next screen will ask you where you're located. Please enter your Country and zip code then hit the green "Continue" button
  • The next screen will ask you if you want to pay by card or paypal. To enter code, click on the "Add Coupon" link
  • The next screen you will allow you to enter your Discount Code and click the green "Add Coupon" button
  • You will see a screen confirming your final price after applying the coupon. Then click the green "Complete Checkout" button.
  • You will see a final confirmation message with a large green check check mark.

Please click here for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Kiwi for Gmail allows you to use up to 6 Gmail accounts at a time.

Mac OS

You can manage your accounts by selecting Preferences from the Kiwi for Gmail option in the menubar. From the Preferences window, click the Accounts tab. There, you can add accounts, change their display order, adjust the per-account notification settings, themes, and more.


By opening the Settings window through the File menu, you can add accounts from the Accounts tab as well as adjust other settings for your account.

Mac OS

You need a Mac, which is able to run Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or above. Some older Macs might run into performance issues, due to their low CPU and Memory setup.

Note: Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks has ended with version will be 1.8.97. We recommend upgrading to a newer version of Mac OS X to continute using the newest versions of Kiwi for Gmail.


Our Windows version requires a PC with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and will run on all machines that can use those operating systems.

General Questions

Simply go to the Mac App Store and select "Updates" to make sure you're on the latest version of Kiwi. If a new version is available, click on the update button next to the app.

Boomerang needs to be enabled on each account.

In Kiwi for Gmail Preferences / Settings, access the Accounts tab and select the account you wish to enable Boomerang.

At the bottom select Enable Boomerang.

The account will re-load and then you can use Boomerang.

As of version 1.10.0, Kiwi for Gmail supports the Boomerang plugin, but we plan to add support for a additional plugins soon. Each plugin will need to be built into our app individually, so we would love to hear which plugins you would like to see supported. Using your feedback, we can work on including them in our updates.

Yes, themes are great and your Gmail themes should be retained once you have set up your account in Kiwi for Gmail.

Currently, Kiwi for Gmail requires an internet connection to work.

You can configure Kiwi for Gmail to be your default email app, allowing you to open e-mail links directly in Kiwi for Gmail. This can be set-up in the Preferences for Mac's "Mail" App, where you can directly change the default email application. We would recommend that you restart your Mac after changing the default email application.


Kiwi for Gmail can not be set up to directly interact with other types of accounts than Gmail, but Gmail allows you to use your account to connect to POP3 accounts. Doing this would enable your Gmail account to receive emails from those accounts, which would then appear in Kiwi for Gmail.

Kiwi for Gmail and Gmail support the same size for attachments. A file can be a maximum size of 25 Mb.

Kiwi for Gmail has integrated Google Drive seamlessly, so you can attach files, through Google drive, of up to 1TB each. (This would be limited by your Google Drive size.)

Kiwi for Gmail does not currently support Inbox by Google, but we are very interested in introducing a great desktop version of Inbox. We have done some preliminary investigations and believe that we are the best-positioned company to deliver such a product.

Our vision has been that Kiwi for Gmail would sit along-side Google’s own mobile apps, as their desktop counterpart. Therefore, we would highly recommend Google’s own Gmail apps on any mobile device. That way, you are guaranteed the same email experience and convenience on both the computer and the mobile device.

Yes, we do. We take great pride in delivering a gorgeously designed interface that shines on the retina and high DPI screen.

Advanced Questions

No, we are not a standalone browser with Gmail in a window. We wouldn’t have been as excited as we were if it had been as easy as that. We were motivated by our passion for great software, design, and attention to detail. That is hard to achieve, but we think we got it in Kiwi for Gmail.

Kiwi for Gmail takes Gmail and puts it inside an app that is robust enough to serve as a desktop replacement for Mail, Outlook, AirMail, or Mailbox, which no one has done before on the desktop.

It has three major components:

  1. A heavily modified browser component, tailored in hundreds of ways specifically for Gmail

  2. A separate, full email client that sits around that browser component and makes much of our app work

  3. An interface layer that seamlessly integrates those two pieces together.

There are a handful of apps out there that allow you to try to use Gmail as a standalone program on the desktop, and we fully agree with their vision of trying to take Gmail out of the browser so you can use it as a desktop app. But while this was their aim, our motivation to build Kiwi for Gmail grew as a direct result of our frustration with both a user experience and level of technical quality that we felt was ultimately lacking.

Technically, by far most of the difference between our app and these is due to the fact that under the hood, our app isn't based on as a single-site browser implementation like theirs are. Much of the very hard work we've done over the past 2 years has been to take a completely different approach, which is uniquely suited to turning Gmail into a high-fidelity desktop application.

In terms of features, there is much that is different as well. We have a uniquely streamlined, intuitive, and graceful UI, we have important-only notifications, entirely unique multiple accounts implementation, actual Drive attachment support, and desktop integration is either more robust or entirely unique to our app compared to these others, we let you use the app as a default email client, and there are many details beyond these. In the best of these other apps, using basic Gmail features like Hangouts or Google+ will cause instability in the app or make it crash. Few have a thoughtful separation between the app itself and the browser either.

We know some people have sworn by these apps for many years. We understand that -- for a long time they were the only way to get Gmail out of the browser and use it like it should be -- as a desktop application. We agree with their goal. We just wanted to pour our hearts and souls into making that experience as dependable and detailed as humanly possible, which has been a burning passion of ours for more than a year now. We think you'll love what we've built.

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