Productivity Tips to Start Fresh Again

Spring has come and a quarter of the year 2021 has already passed!  Staying competitive requires us to take a fresh new look at how we utilize our digital tools.  Gmail and Workspace can be even more useful for us when we know how to maximize its potential.   Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite makes all of these tools more accessible.   

Google Products for Productivity

Google products were made with user productivity and colleague collaboration in mind. But instead of taking up space on your hard drive, all Google applications are stored on the cloud-based Google Drive. As workplace culture continually shifts toward remote workspaces, Google products are the ultimate companion for the work-from-home employee.

Here’s a breakdown of some of Google’s best products for productivity.

Google Calendar and Gmail: How to Use Them Together

Google programs were made to complement each other and their features integrate between applications. Gmail and Google Calendar work seamlessly together, allowing the user to easily schedule meetings with a colleague or have their daily agenda emailed to them. Here’s how Google Calendar and Gmail work together.

Create and Manage Events from Gmail

Google Workspace: Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a powerhouse of productivity and collaborative tools in the workspace. But it can be overwhelming to learn and understand the multitude of features in all its applications. Here are some hidden features of Google Workspace you didn’t know about.

Microsoft Office Editing in Google Docs

COVID Fatigue? How to Stay Productive with These 3 Hacks

Is your productivity suffering due to COVID fatigue? According to Psychology Today, COVID fatigue is when an individual suffers from negative emotions including boredom, loneliness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, and resentment brought on by social distancing restrictions, forced isolation, and cancelled social engagements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re dealing with COVID fatigue and your productivity is suffering, fear not!

2021 New Year’s Resolutions to Decrease Distractions when Working from Home

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forever changed the landscape of Corporate America. With more employees working from home this past year due to the virus outbreak, many employers are making a permanent shift to work-from-home cultures. But while some employees are thriving in their work-from-home environment, those who struggle with accountability, self-discipline, and creating structure, among other skills, are struggling to overcome the many distractions faced in a work-from-home setting.

Fall in Love with Your Inbox Again (3 Tips to Declutter)

If opening your inbox creates feelings of overwhelm or dread, it’s time to declutter. Managing your inbox is a must if you want to make the best use of your time. Messy inboxes waste hours of your time and result in poor communication with other people, which can leave a bad impression of you. It may seem a daunting task to get your inbox under control, but once you develop a system and implement some best practices, keeping your inbox organized will reduce stress levels and save you valuable time.