Google Announces New G Suite Improvements

During week two of Next OnAir, Google shared some interesting new updates they’ve made to G Suite as well as plans for upcoming new features.

What’s New

The new and improved version of Gmail creates a more integrated workspace for G Suite users by incorporating and allowing users to use Meet, Voice, Chat, and Doc management all from within Gmail itself. This is geared toward saving the time you typically waste switching from between apps, resulting in a more seamless solution.

Stop Using Both Dropbox and Google Drive

You wouldn’t wear both a belt and suspenders. So Why are you still using Dropbox when you have Google Drive?

Have you or your company recently changed from Dropbox to Google Drive? We've found that some longtime Dropbox users resist the change because they miss the familiar features and find Drive challenging to work with. This can result extra costs due to having to pay for redundant software licenses for multiple storage solutions.