If Your Team is Working out of a Browser, They are Working Inefficiently

Kiwi for Gmail is redefining the old adage “Work smarter, not harder.”

If your team is using Gmail and Google Workspace apps like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides - it's highly likely that they're working inefficiently. 🙅

Yes, you read that right. 🤯😱

Google workspace and Gmail are powerful tools, but their power is limited by a clunky browser experience.

Kiwi for Gmail Beats Shift, MailBird, and Mailspring According to G2 Reviews

Kiwi for Gmail Beats Shift, MailBird, and Mailspring According to G2 Review Panel 

Have you ever wanted to use Gmail with more features than are available in the browser-based version? A desktop application that can manage up to 9 Gmail and Google Workspace accounts in one interface is exactly what you need! And according to a review panel by G2, Kiwi for Gmail is the clear winner. Let’s take a look at why it beat out competitors Shift, Mailbird, Mailspring, CanaryMail and Mailplane.


Google Workspace: The Leader in Remote Work


Google Workspace: The Future of Remote Work


The world of work looks very different than it did just a few years ago. With the surge of remote working, teams have had to adjust quickly to new tools and technologies. One of the main contenders for productivity software is Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite). There are many reasons why it has become an industry leader and surpassed Microsoft Office as the go-to choice for businesses. Let’s take a look at why Google Workspace is a great choice for your business.


Kiwi for Gmail is your Secret Weapon to More Sales

Add Kiwi for Gmail to your team's tech stack and see how much easier their workflow becomes. With a desktop app and seamless integration with Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides, your sales reps will be able to work faster and more efficiently.