Businesses can save 1500+ hours with Kiwi!

Teams save time with Kiwi

Since users can save 158+ hours each year, a small business team of 10 can save over 1,500 hours this year! Kiwi’s Business Plan converts your entire company - big or small - into power users of Gmail and Workspace.   And, we now offer a better price that will get this brilliant piece of software into your team's hands - this is not a one time offer, and this is not a sale - Kiwi for Gmail’s Business Plan’s price has changed, and is now less than $5 per person a month!  


Improve Your Company’s Workflow

Kiwi saves you time in many different ways. Did you know there are small factors that add up in slowing down your workflow? With Kiwi, your workflow is not slowed down by multiple logins. Kiwi stores your work set as you use it so that you can return to all the Docs, Sheets, and Slides you are working on as soon as you open the app!  

Focus better with our specialized filters on our beautiful sidebar. Overwhelmed by too many emails?  Click on “Today’s View” to just focus on just the emails from today.  Need to find a specific attachment? The “Attachment” button filters attachment-only emails so you can quickly mix, match and find what you need

Quick access to multiple Gmail accounts and at the same time? Check! Scheduling for yourself and/or other Gmail accounts? Colors identify which calendar you’re making appointments for.  Google Contacts is also one click away from finding the person you’re scheduling for, and results populate in a snap!  

Google Drive is one click away for all those accounts, too! All Docs, Sheets, and Slides opened are color-coded so you can tell which account you’re using! Creating new emails, events, Doc, Sheet, Slides are also just one click away!   Easily collaborate with your colleagues while being on a video call and be able to reference other docs, side-by-side.  If you have extra screens, a multiple window environment helps you make the most out of your screen real estate and keep your tasks organized!

Kiwi also facilitates your multitasking by allowing multiple windows to have your email, calendar, and docs open side by side - so you’re not flipping between browsers, bookmarks, or tabs. Kiwi remembers the Page Zoom. When you reopen the app, these windows reopen at the size you left them. Making your workflow more seamless!  


Sending Lots of Files? Save even more time!

If you send files often, Kiwi reduces your overall clicks by 83%, from 6 clicks to just 1In Kiwi, you simply right-click on a file and share it with the Kiwi for Gmail app. In the browser, you need to: 1) Open your Gmail tab or sign in, 2) Open a “Compose” window, 3) Open Google Drive, 4) Select relevant files, 5) Attach file(s), and 6) insert file. 

Teams save the most with Kiwi (Mini)

Google Chrome Extensions that Improve Communication 

Kiwi has several commonly used extensions to help you build a more successful business. 


  • Boomerang & Right Inbox

They are well-known for features like Send an email later & email follow-up reminders but did you know that Boomerang also assists with scheduling directly from your email (One-click Calendar Scheduling feature) and writing better emails (Respondable feature)?  Right Inbox also provides users with email templates (One-Click Templates feature) that your company can easily distribute and use, and adding contextual notes to your email strings (Private Notes feature).  Take advantage of these features within Kiwi.  You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are with your inbox!

  • Zoom & Blue Jeans 

They are the most commonly used video conference apps which are often used separately from other apps on your computer screen.  These can be used within Kiwi - having these apps integrated into Kiwi will increase your efficiency.  

  • Grammarly

Do you struggle with communicating well over email? Having the right words, tone, and language to come across well to your boss, colleagues, and clients?  This was a highly sought-after plugin from our users, who are thrilled to have this tool accessible in Kiwi.  Since every word you use matters in the email, you will love how much it improves your writing skills and email etiquette.  

  • Gmail Reverse Conversation

Do you find email threads hard to follow - and struggle to find the information you need in a timely manner? This plugin takes your email thread and puts the newest email on the top.  A feature that many people love in Outlook is readily accessible in Kiwi. 

  • Virtru 

Does your company need an email encryption tool to safely send secure messages and attachments?  This plugin does just that, within Kiwi.

Don’t see a Google Chrome Extension you use here? Check out if it has a Gmail Add-on, and add away! No extra or hidden costs for add-ons! Not sure what the difference is? Google Chrome Extensions add functionality and features to the whole browser (and change the behavior of the browser, across anything you have ‘in it’).  Because of this, Kiwi takes its time to ensure that the Google Chrome Extensions we support can be trusted, are secure, reliable, and well maintained.   A Gmail Add-on is much more specific and adds functionality to a specific page (i.e. Gmail, your Inbox).  So if you don’t see a Google Chrome Extension on this list, chances are there may be a better option through Gmail Add-ons. 


Boost CRM Use with Gmail Add-ons

Get your CRM tools right within Kiwi by using these add-ons: iEnterprise for Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho CRM, and Pipedrive CRM.  Now you can save even more time not having to switch back and forth between apps, bookmarks, and tabs -  so you can just get things done!

Kiwi helps you get much more out of your favorite Google products - and makes plugins and add-ons more useful by integrating them into your work environment.  Your workflow will improve for you and your team, while you’ll spend less time getting more things done! Time saved is money earned. We genuinely believe Kiwi has a great deal to offer to help your business to run more smoothly - more features, more plugins, and more accounts! And with a 2-week free trial so you can experience all its benefits before you commit.  You’ve got nothing to lose!