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Kiwi for Gmail - The Ultimate Desktop App for Gmail and Google Workspace

Manage Your Gmail and Google Workspace Efficiently

Welcome to Kiwi for Gmail, the premier desktop app designed to enhance your Gmail and Google Workspace experience. Tired of managing multiple email accounts through a web browser? Kiwi for Gmail takes your Gmail and Google Workspace apps out of the browser and transforms them into a seamless, fully functional desktop office suite.

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Enhanced Security and Performance

Customizable and Scalable

Seamless Collaboration

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Why Choose Kiwi?

Key Features

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: With Kiwi for Gmail, you can manage up to 9 Gmail or Workspace accounts in one intuitive desktop interface. Say goodbye to endless tab-switching and hello to streamlined productivity.

  • Advanced Email Filtering: Easily filter your emails by date, attachment, importance, unread status, and more. Find what you need, when you need it, with just a few clicks.

  • One-Click Office Apps: Launch Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive directly from the Kiwi interface. No more opening new tabs or searching through bookmarks—your workspace is just one click away.

  • Tabbed Interface: Organize your tasks and projects effortlessly. Group windows by project, deadline, account, and more in a user-friendly tabbed interface.

  • Unified Calendar: Manage all your calendars from different accounts in one window. Never miss an appointment or deadline again.


Who Benefits from Kiwi?

  • Gmail Users: Whether you have one Gmail account or several, Kiwi for Gmail helps you manage them all effortlessly.

  • Google Workspace Users: If you use Google Workspace for business, Kiwi enhances your workflow by integrating all your essential tools into one desktop app.

  • Small Businesses: Small businesses using Google Workspace can significantly improve their productivity and efficiency with Kiwi's unified desktop suite.

Top Rated Desktop App for Gmail

All of Your Gmail Accounts

Distinct from what Gmail uses in the browser, we designed a powerful engine that allows multiple accounts to be used together with 100% fidelity and no conflicts. It works with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well. With our Elite plan, manage up to 9 of your own Gmail or Workspace accounts in one application. No more switching between browser tabs, accounts and windows. Just pure productivity. gmail

The Focus Filtered Inbox

Redefine your inbox on the fly to see what's come in today, or the past 2 days, or past week. Further whittle those down to only emails marked Important with Google AI, Unread, Attachments and Starred. Combine them to keep your inbox limited to a short list of your most relevant emails. Need to see your other emails? All it takes is a click to mix it up or turn it off.

Gmail Shortcuts Kiwi for Gmail

Never Lose a Document in Tabs Again

You close a document, then struggle to find it.

Not anymore.

Kiwi tracks them as you use them. Open your recent documents, across all your accounts.

Gmail App for Windows

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides - Transformed

Making Google Apps work like a Full Desktop Suite, Kiwi is the go-to solution for office productivity that competes with Microsoft Office 365. Use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as native windowed desktop applications within Kiwi for Gmail.

If you're on the hunt for a desktop gmail app for windows or a gmail app for mac, this is your tool.

Now even smarter

Kiwi introduces new AI-Companion

How Does Kiwi Compare to Competitors?

Kiwi for Gmail stands out in a crowded market by offering a unique combination of features that no other software provides:

  • Focus on Gmail and Workspace: Unlike Shift, which doesn't exclusively focus on Gmail and Workspace, Kiwi specializes in these areas to offer the best possible user experience.

  • All-in-One Solution: BoxySuite lacks support for Google Docs and Drive apps. Kiwi provides a complete suite of Google Workspace applications.

  • Cross-Platform Availability: While Mimestream is only available on Mac, Kiwi for Gmail is available for both Mac and Windows, ensuring no one is left out.

All-In-One Workspace Suite

Improved Large File Sharing

Customizable Design Options

Hooked on the tabbed browser experience, but want more efficiency?

Introducing Tabbed Workspaces in Kiwi for Gmail

Choose Your Kiwi Plan

Kiwi offers a range of pricing options designed to fit your email management and Workspace needs. Choose the plan that's right for you and start managing your email more efficiently today.

Power Pro
For users who want an uninhibited Gmail or Workspace experience, and full desktop functionality of all apps including Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Drive
Manage up to 9 Workspace Accounts in One Desktop Application

So much more than an Email Client

Kiwi for Gmail is not only a desktop app for Gmail, it is a fully functional desktop office suite filled with your most commonly used Workspace apps.


Gmail Desktop App

Manage up to 9 of your own Gmail or Workspace accounts in one desktop app. Like gmail, but better. Enhanced filtering options, custom colors and more


Google Docs

Have you always wished you could have the best of both worlds - a desktop word processor that rivals Microsoft Word, but the power and collaboration of Google Docs? Now you can - with Docs as a desktop app.



No more sifting through browser tabs to find your calendar or your next meeting. Kiwi transforms your Google Calendar into a fully functional calendar app for your desktop.


Google Sheets

Excel meets Google Sheets with Desktop Google Sheets. Never misplace your spreadsheets or workbooks in a tab ever again!


Google Drive 

Google Drive is a powerful solution on it's own, but the browser limits it's use. Kiwi transforms Google Drive into a powerful desktop storage and organization system for all of your important files and documents.


Google Chat

Stay connected to your friends and colleagues with Google Chat on the Desktop - never miss a message again!

A true desktop office suite
for Google Apps

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Kiwi is trusted by industry leaders for email and workspace management. Our email management software has helped companies increase productivity and streamline their email management process and Workspace workflow.

What Our Customers Say

"As a longtime Outlook user, Kiwi is the tool that finally bridged the gap between Microsoft's Office Suite and Google Workspace. Thanks Kiwi!"

Brian E,
Verified G2 Reviewer

"Kiwi combines all Google Workspace apps in one suite, making it easy to create docs, check email, and manage calendars in one app. So it's way more than just an email client."

Colin S.
Verified G2 Reviewer

"The most important app on my desktop."

Arek R.

Verified G2 Reviewer

Maximize your productivity and take control of your workflow with Kiwi's powerful Gmail and Workspace management software. Try it today!

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