Introducing Kiwi for Teams

Kiwi for Teams is a desktop application that transforms the way your team works in Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Harnessing the power of your Microsoft or Apple computer, Kiwi reaches up into the Google Workspace Cloud to bring down the flexibility of real-time cloud-based software to where teams need it - right on their desktop. 

With Kiwi, teams can quickly and easily access all of their Google resources from a single interface - meaning no more lost documents or missed email threads.

And because Kiwi syncs with the cloud, everyone is always working off the most up-to-date information. This makes collaboration quicker and easier than ever before - not to mention more efficient and productive. So if you're looking for a way to optimize how your team works in Gmail and Google Drive, look no further than Kiwi for Teams.

With Kiwi for Teams, you can add and manage users from one single Admin portal quickly, and easily.

Kiwi for G Suite Multiple Windows

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Work Smarter While Working From Home

Now there’s a better way for remote workers to use Gmail and Google Workspace.
Kiwi lets you tailor them to the way you work, saving time and making everything you do a little easier.

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Save Up to an Hour Each Day. Every Day.

Kiwi saves employees significant time each day compared to using Workspace via a traditional web browser. Nearly half of users (44%) estimate that Kiwi saves at least 30 minutes a day while nearly a quarter (23%) say it saves them an hour or more.

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Find What you Need. Instantly.

Fully integrated Google Cloud Search makes finding things across Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar a snap. Plus you can quickly access recent documents and find any contacts in your Address book in seconds.

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Open Workspace Like a Real Application

Take command of Workspace by switching from a browser to Kiwi. For the first time you can make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides work like real desktop applications delivering a user experience closer to Office 365.

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Streamlined Video Conferencing

Kiwi now includes Integrated support for leading video conferencing tools like Zoom and BlueJeans. This will save you even more time by making it easy to schedule and participate in virtual meetings while working from home.

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Increase App Usage and Productivity

Kiwi's multiple windows and intuitive interface lets users work smarter by enabling them to quickly access each application, open new documents, and get back to recent documents with a single click. Our data shows usage of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides triples when people use Kiwi.

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Works with Your Technology

We turned Workspace into a hybrid application (cloud + desktop) that remains fully compatible with Google's web apps, with extremely low overhead for both adoption and support. Kiwi provides the most secure way to access Gmail on Both Mac and Windows, isolated from everything else in the browser.

In addition to all the great features you've come to expect of Kiwi, our newest version includes a number of great new features to make you even more productive.

New Features

  • 9 Accounts & shortcuts
  • Play videos in Kiwi
  • Cloud Search Integration
  • Administration Portal

New Plugins

  • Grammarly
  • BlueJeans
  • Virtru
  • Zoom Scheduler
  • Gmail Reverse Conversation

Cloud Search

Find everything you need. Instantly.

Integrating Cloud Search functionality directly into where you work makes Google's great search functionality more useful.

Address Book

All your Contacts. At your fingertips.

Our easy to use slide-out panel lets you find anyone you know any time you'd like without having to stop what you're doing.

Plug Ins

Integrated Support for Popular Apps.

We've just added some of users' most requested third-party applications so they're now compatible with Kiwi.

More Accounts

Seamlessly Manage up to 9 Accounts.

Now you can use Kiwi with even more Gmail accounts to manage everything in one place.

Admin Panel

Simple Billing and User Control.

Kiwi now gives the admins the ability to easily access and update billing information and user access.

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Kiwi for Gmail is proud to be an official Google Cloud Partner

Office 365 & Google Workspace vs Kiwi for Gmail

See how Kiwi for Gmail compares with Microsoft Office 365 and how it makes Google Workspace even better.


Office 365


Kiwi for Gmail

Email Outlook Gmail Gmail
Instant Messaging Skype for Business Hangouts Hangouts
Note Taking OneNote Keep Keep
Presentations Powerpoint Slides Slides
Social Networking, Yammer Google+ Google+
Spreadsheets Excel Sheets Sheets
Storage OneDrive Drive Drive
Video Chat Skype for Business Hangouts Hangouts
Web Pages SharePoint Sites Sites
Word Processing Word Docs Docs
Calendar Opens in new window Keeps your inbox open and opens the calendar in a new tab. Keeps your inbox open and opens the calendar in a new tab.
Inbox Filtering Focused Inbox   Focus Filtered Inbox, powered by Google AI, and with Today View
Export Formats Allowed .pdf, .xps, .mp4, .wmv, .odp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .wmf, .emf, & .rtf .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, .png, & .svg .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, .png, & .svg
  Online Document Editing Online Document Editing Online Document Editing
Desktop Applications   Desktop Applications
Default Email Client   Default Email Client
Multi-windowed Interface   Multi-windowed Interface
Recently Opened Files   Recently Opened Files
Right-click to share files   Right-click to share files
Advantages Provides better user experience for Windows computers Better supports wide mix of devices and operating systems Better supports wide mix of devices and operating systems
Allows for multiple deployment options - Cloud, On-premises or Hybrid Uses online only infrastructure (completely hosted) Uses online only infrastructure (completely hosted)
Bundles desktop and online products per user cost Lowers internal IT and support costs Lowers internal IT and support costs
Combines desktop and cloud-based versions of products Encourages fuller use of team collaboration features Encourages fuller use of team collaboration features
Enables easier working offline Facilitates adoption by users new to online collaboration Facilitates adoption by users new to online collaboration
  Uses a simple, less cluttered interface Uses a simple, less cluttered interface
  Delivers new features as and when they are available Delivers new features as and when they are available
    Takes Gmail and Workspace out of the browser and integrates with desktop
    Improves functionality for Gmail
    Provides Central Access Hub (Toolbar)
    Maintains familiar look and feel
    Automatically updates new features
    Eliminates conflicts between desktop and online versions
    Allows users to sort and group email (coming soon)
    Simplified key tasks
    Improves Drive functionality
    Provides ability to seamless manage multiple accounts
Disadvantages Possible conflicts between desktop and online versions Runs in a browser  
Encourages 'local' or offline working rather than the more collaborative cloud approach Limits ability to multi-tak (use multiple windows/documents)  
Results in potentially higher IT costs due to deploying and supporting desktop apps Delivers more basic set of functionality  
  Restricts users ability to sort or group mail  

A Big Concern for CIOs

Email is one of the least secure things employees do on their computers and web-based solutions like Gmail and Workspace magnify this issue because of their reliance on the browser.

Workspace on the Desktop, Built for the Cloud

Kiwi for Gmail represents a new approach to Google Workspace. Rather than using Workspace through a general browser, using a specialized desktop browser built specifically around Workspace and its applications allows a great deal more functionality and power. By creating a stand-alone dedicated app, we’ve created a solution that maintains all the cloud-based benefits that you love about Google’s Workspace while powerfully extending its functionality. As a result, our unique application for Workspace can :

  • Have windows for every Workspace app
  • Provide seamless multi-account use of Drive and editors
  • Interface with your desktop file system
  • Utilize system-level APIs
  • Interact with other desktop applications
  • Seamlessly handle various file types
  • Generate system notifications
  • Provide dedicated keyboard shortcuts

Not only does this allow us to transform the Workspace user experience into something more like the familiar Microsoft Office Desktop Office Suite, but Kiwi completely integrates the entirety of Workspace with your desktop operating system and file directories.

Removing Workspace from the Browser

Kiwi takes both Gmail and Google apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides and separates them from the browser, so they exist on their own and are completely integrated with the desktop OS and file systems.

Everything done within Kiwi is completely isolated from anything that goes on in the browser on your computer.

Isolating Every Account

The average Gmail user has more than two accounts. So while companies rely on Workspace to increase collaboration and productivity, the reality is that many employees also have their own personal and business accounts.

Even within Kiwi, every single account is completely isolated from every other so that their data can't mix. Since people typically have their work account and personal account open all day while they're working, that matters.

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