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Introducing Tabbed Workspaces

Maximize Your Productivity with Kiwi for Gmail

Kiwi for Gmail, your favorite desktop application, has always been at the forefront of enhancing your email experience. Now, with the groundbreaking Tabbed Workspaces feature, we're revolutionizing the way you organize and interact with your emails, documents, and so much more.

Tabbed Workspaces is available on our Power Pro plans.
Free 7-Day Trial for New Users

New to Kiwi?

Existing Kiwi User looking to upgrade to Power Pro to take advantage of Tabs in Kiwi? 

Unleash Organization Like Never Before

With Tabbed Workspaces, say goodbye to scattered documents and cluttered windows. Our new feature lets you:

  • Group related documents and windows effortlessly – by project, urgency, or account.

  • Switch between distinct workspaces seamlessly, keeping everything you need just a tab away.

  • Reduce desktop chaos and shut out distractions, keeping your focus sharp and your tasks on track.


Whether you're juggling multiple Gmail accounts or deep-diving into projects, Tabbed Workspaces is your solution for a cleaner, more efficient workflow.

Catered to You – The Modern Professional

Our users include:

  • Ambitious Productivity Enthusiasts

  • Every Day Gmail and Google Workspace Users

  • Professionals Managing Multiple Gmail Accounts

  • Diligent Remote Workers Seeking Clarity in their Workspace

Kiwi understands the diversity and demands of your hectic day. That's why Tabbed Workspaces have been crafted to foster convenience, organization, and ultimately, unparalleled productivity.

From Our Users

"I like the tabs a lot. I adopted Kiwi because I need to actively manage five email accounts, often with a web browser open for other purposes. Having tabs in Kiwi dramatically reduced the window count on my desktop without affecting my ability to watch and respond to the accounts mentioned."
– Kiwi Beta Tester


Your peers are already reaping the benefits. Join the movement towards an infinitely more productive and focused work experience.

Ready to experience Tabbed Workspaces for yourself and reach new heights of productivity?

Try Kiwi for Gmail today and transform your workflow into a streamlined powerhouse of efficiency.

Don't Miss Out! – Download Kiwi for Gmail and tap into the power of Tabbed Workspaces. Your optimal workflow awaits!

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