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Kiwi for Gmail Takes Google Workspace to New Heights with Integration of Google Meet

Kiwi, the #1-rated desktop gmail app for Mac and Windows devices, has just gotten even better. The introduction of Google Meet into Kiwi's already robust desktop platform allows users to take full advantage of a completely uninhibited desktop workspace experience. Users no longer need to worry about launching multiple browsers just to get their work done - all of the Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Chat, Keep and more are now accessible from one place. Plus - Kiwi offers something that Chrome can never offer - a Global Mute Button. This helps with those not-so-quiet video calls and makes virtual meetings more seamless than ever before. With the integration of Google Meet, Kiwi has taken the Google Workspace experience to new heights.

Google Meet is available on our Pro & Power Pro plans.
Free 7-Day Trial for New Users

New to Kiwi?

Existing Kiwi User looking to upgrade to Pro or Power Pro to take advantage of Google Meet in Kiwi? 

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So much more than an Email Client

Kiwi for Gmail is not only a desktop app for Gmail, it is a fully functional desktop office suite filled with your most commonly used Workspace apps.


Gmail Desktop App

Manage up to 9 of your own Gmail or Workspace accounts in one desktop app. Like gmail, but better. Enhanced filtering options, custom colors and more


Google Docs

Have you always wished you could have the best of both worlds - a desktop word processor that rivals Microsoft Word, but the power and collaboration of Google Docs? Now you can - with Docs as a desktop app.



No more sifting through browser tabs to find your calendar or your next meeting. Kiwi transforms your Google Calendar into a fully functional calendar app for your desktop.


Google Sheets

Excel meets Google Sheets with Desktop Google Sheets. Never misplace your spreadsheets or workbooks in a tab ever again!


Google Drive 

Google Drive is a powerful solution on it's own, but the browser limits it's use. Kiwi transforms Google Drive into a powerful desktop storage and organization system for all of your important files and documents.


Google Chat

Stay connected to your friends and colleagues with Google Chat on the Desktop - never miss a message again!

A true desktop office suite
for Google Apps

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