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A GPT-4 Powered Assistant by Kiwi for Gmail
Free to try in-app.

An active Kiwi Subscription is required to use XO.

Ask it anything.


Now, even smarter.

Personal Instructions allow you to tell XO exactly how to behave when crafting responses. 


Hey XO, write an email to my boss...

It's that simple.

XO, the "Executive Officer" for workflow

You already live in Gmail and Google Workspace. Your AI app should, too.

Work smarter, not harder with XO's AI chatbot always by your side in Gmail and Workspace apps.

Increase productivity by relying on XO to handle time-consuming tasks like writing emails and preparing documents.

Stay organized and focused with XO's ability to summarize meeting notes and keep your workflow on track.

Stay ahead of the game with the only AI companion designed specifically for Gmail and Workspace users.

xo (2600 x 2600 px) (1).png

Your New Workspace BFF

Say goodbye to email drafts and tedious meeting notes! XO is your ultimate workspace assistant, powered by GPT-4 technology. With its AI capabilities, XO can help you write emails, summarize meetings, and even outline documents for a more organized and efficient workday.

Exclusive for Kiwi Users

A companion built just for Kiwi - XO understands the unique needs of users in the fast-paced business world. From responding to urgent emails to creating detailed reports, XO has got you covered with its advanced AI features.

Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Let XO handle the mundane tasks while you focus on what matters most. Its automated features save you time and effort, leaving you feeling more prepared and organized with every task at hand.

An Intuitive Inbox

Say hello to better email management with XO. Its intuitive AI can suggest responses and organize your inbox so that you can easily find important messages. With XO, say goodbye to email overwhelm and hello to a stress-free work experience.

*Coming Soon

Get Started Today

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New features and functionality launching soon. 

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