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Kiwi for Gmail Referral and Affiliate Programs

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At Kiwi for Gmail, we believe in the power of community and rewarding those who help us grow. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Referral and Affiliate Programs, designed to thank our customers for spreading the word about how Kiwi transforms the Gmail experience. Whether you’re an individual tech enthusiast or someone with a large audience, we have an opportunity for you.

Referral Program: Share the Love, Reap the Rewards

Benefits for You and Your Friends: Our Referral Program is perfect for current Kiwi for Gmail subscribers who love our product and want to share it with friends, family, and colleagues. When you refer someone to Kiwi for Gmail, not only will they receive a discount on their subscription thanks to your recommendation, but you’ll also earn exciting rewards.

Eligibility and Rewards: Open to all existing Kiwi subscribers, this program offers discounts or even complimentary Kiwi subscriptions based on the number of friends you successfully refer. It’s our way of saying 'thank you' for helping us grow our Kiwi community.

Affiliate Program: Turn Your Influence into Income

Monetize Your Audience: If you have a more extensive network or platform, such as a blog, social media following, or are known among tech circles, our Affiliate Program is the ideal way to earn by partnering with us.

How It Works: Affiliates receive a monthly commission for each new Kiwi subscription generated through their unique codes or links. Plus, those you refer don’t just get superior email management with Kiwi—they also enjoy a discount on their first subscription, thanks to you.

Join Us: Ready to get started? Simply fill out a short form to express your interest, and our Marketing & Growth Team will reach out with more details, including your unique referral or affiliate codes and links.

Who Can Participate?

  • Referral Program: Open to all current Kiwi for Gmail subscribers eager to share their love for Kiwi.

  • Affiliate Program: Ideal for influencers, bloggers, tech enthusiasts, or anyone with a larger audience looking to earn through affiliate marketing.

The Fine Print

  • Referral Program Terms: Referrals must be new Kiwi for Gmail customers. Rewards and discounts are specific to the referral program and cannot be combined with other offers.

  • Affiliate Program Terms: Commissions are earned for every new paid subscription and are subject to a minimum threshold for payout. Affiliates are critical to our growth, and as such, we ensure a seamless and rewarding partnership.

Ready to Earn with Kiwi?

Whether you’re a long-time user excited to share Kiwi for Gmail with your network or an influencer ready to partner with a leading email management platform, our Referral and Affiliate Programs are designed for you. Join us in our mission to revolutionize email management—and get rewarded for it.

Join Our Program Today and Start Earning!


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