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Kiwi for Gmail Quick Start Guide

Getting you up and running on Kiwi for Gmail!

Logging In

After you’ve downloaded the Kiwi for Gmail Application from our website and launch it for the first time, you’ll first be taken to Google’s Authentication Portal. That will look something like this image on the right.

It is very important that you use your LICENSED GOOGLE ACCOUNT (Most likely, your work email) to log into Kiwi for the first time. If you use a different account, it will not register under your licensed plan, and you will be denied access. If you have questions about which email address was used to create your license, please reach out to your team’s Admin, sales rep or customer support


Setting up your new account

Once you’ve logged in to your Google Workspace account, you will be taken to the main inbox interface, and be able to access your preferences.

From here, you can add up to 9 different Gmail or Google Workspace Accounts, for example - your personal account, a freelance account, a school account, etc - any accounts you are currently using in Gmail or Google workspace can be added to Kiwi. (At this time, we do not support additional mailboxes like Yahoo or Outlook.)

You can assign different color codes and notification sounds to each account, to better navigate through the application and switch between workspaces with ease.


Navigating Kiwi for Gmail

Here we will show you how to get started using Kiwi. Most importantly, you’ll be glad to hear that if you know your way around Gmail in the browser, then you’ll cruise through Kiwi!


Switching Between Accounts

First, you’ll notice the top bar highlights each account you currently have in Kiwi. In this photo, we are managing 6 different Kiwi Accounts. I can click on each of these icons to switch back and forth between my personal, work or freelance accounts. And - don’t fret! - every email, document, and drive account are kept totally secure and separate from one another. (So you won’t accidentally send a picture of your cat to your boss, when it was actually supposed to go to your mom.)

This is a huge step up from the Browser Gmail experience - where you would normally have to sign out of your personal account to sign into your work account, sometimes several times a day.


Left-Side Menu

On the left-side menu tray, you’ll have to ability to quickly access your Inbox, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slide and Drive.

You can also set or view Focus Filters, that allow you to filter whats being viewed in your inbox to anything that came through today, 2 days ago, the past week, etc.

What’s better, is you can quickly launch with one button a fresh, new Google Doc or quick compose a new email, without having to dig through several drive or doc screens.

5 (1).png

Do Not Disturb

Our left-side menu is also home to our Preferences Menu, and the DND Zen Switch - which pauses all incoming notifications to keep focused during meetings or downtime.

6 (1).png

Working Simultaneously In Several Accounts

One of our favorite features of Kiwi is the ability to be working simultaneously in different accounts, all in different windows. And what’s better? Kiwi has the memory of an elephant - it remembers what windows you had open and where you had them, so next time you sign on, you can get right back to it.

Other Helpful Tips

Our Navigation Drop-Down allows you to quickly view unread email counts, quick compose a new email, activate DND mode, or view preferences.

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