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Bridging the Gap:Smoothly Transitioning from Office 365 and Outlook to Gmail and Workspace with Kiwi

As technology evolves, we are constantly trying out new tools and platforms to improve productivity and collaboration. This brings about numerous challenges, especially when switching from one platform to another. Migration can be tricky, and going from Microsoft's Office 365 and Outlook to Google's Gmail and Workspace can be a huge task. The user interface and the features offered by both platforms are quite different and can sometimes lead to confusion among users. However, with Kiwi, migrating and adapting to a new environment is significantly smoother. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into how Kiwi bridges the gap and provides users with a native, familiar experience.

Kiwi is a desktop-based email client that combines the familiarity and features of Microsoft Outlook with the power and simplicity of Gmail and Google Workspace. It works with Windows and MacOs and provides a seamless transition. By using Kiwi, users can access their Gmail and Google Workspace accounts while still experiencing a similar user interface and features they are accustomed to with Outlook and Office 365. Kiwi supports many Outlook similarities, including shortcuts, keyboard, and mouse commands.

Furthermore, Kiwi has a customizable interface that enables users to choose their preferred layout and the information they need. It provides several viewing modes, including Conversations View, which groups all messages by conversations, which can be especially useful for email threads. The app also allows users to categorize their emails according to color, importance, and other factors. It makes it easy to manage inbox flow and can provide a bit of order, which is especially useful when facing high email volumes.

One of the valuable features of Kiwi is the ability to work offline, which allows users to access their email even when no internet connection is available. Users can prepare their replies, compose new messages, and drafts offline, and Kiwi will automatically synchronize with the server once the internet connection is established. This support for offline work is especially beneficial for those who travel frequently or have slow internet speeds.

Kiwi also offers various customization options to ensure users get the most out of it. Users can personalize their email signatures, apply templates for common email responses, and add email tracking, which provides information such as when messages were opened or read.

In conclusion, Kiwi is an excellent solution for users moving from Office 365 and Outlook to Gmail and Workspace. It provides users with a comfortable, familiar interface that helps ease the transition, keeping the learning curve for new email platforms low. Users will benefit from numerous features, including offline access, customization, and increased inbox management tools. With Kiwi, the migration process is less daunting, and the change can be less disruptive, allowing each user to hit the ground running with their new email platform. Kiwi has been an excellent bridge in this regard and is worth considering for anyone preparing to make this migration. To learn more about Kiwi for Gmail, and our small business solutions, fill out a Teams form and we will reach out as soon as possible.


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