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Bye-Bye to the Mac App Store: Kiwi for Gmail is Now Web-Based

If you’re a fan of Kiwi for Gmail, you may have noticed that it’s no longer available on the Mac App Store. In an effort to continue to provide frequent updates and the best user experience possible, Kiwi for Gmail has decided to remove their app from the store and now direct all sales, upgrades, and updates through their website instead. Let’s take a look at why this transition was necessary and how it will benefit users.

Timely Updates Without Delay

One of the primary benefits of transitioning away from the Mac App Store is that Kiwi can now provide more timely updates without having to battle with the app store. With our own website process, we are able to deploy updates as soon as they are ready without having to wait for Apple’s approval process or any other delays that come along with being part of a larger group of apps in a marketplace. This means users will be able to access features quicker and start enjoying them sooner than ever before. (Hello, it took months for 3.0 to be approved in the store, and with a 4.0 right around the corner, we want it to be offered to ALL users, without delay.)

More Control Over User Experience

In addition to faster updates, having control over their own site also allows Kiwi for Gmail more control over the user experience. We can customize our page however they want, adding features such as visuals or videos that explain how the app works or give potential customers an idea of what it could do for them. Being able to tailor everything about our process lets customers get a better understanding of what our product does before making a purchase decision, helping them make sure they are getting exactly what they need.

Improved Support Options

When using an app marketplace such as the Mac App Store, it can be difficult getting support when something goes wrong with your product or purchase. With its own website, Kiwi is able to offer improved support options which can help customers solve any issues they have quickly and easily so there are no interruptions in using the product. Customers can easily find contact information on their site if needed or use online forums where someone might already have asked the same question and gotten an answer right away.

Kiwi for Gmail has made the difficult decision to transition away from its presence on the Mac App Store and towards an independent website format instead. This shift gives us more control over our product offering and provides customers with faster access to new features as well as improved support options should anything go wrong with their purchase or use of the software. All in all this decision looks like win-win for everyone involved!

If you are a Mac App Store user up for renewal, please visit the Pricing Page to get setup on your new Kiwi for Gmail Account.


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