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Get Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho, or Pipedrive in Kiwi!

CRM tools are designed to help you build meaningful relationships with clients and stay on top of potential leads and sales. A lot of time can be wasted entering data and switching back and forth between that and email. If you use Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho or Pipedrive get the Gmail add-ons and save more time by staying in your email. With Kiwi for Gmail, add-ons are free! No additional costs or special plans needed!

  • iEnterprise for Salesforce - With the Salesforce Connector for Workspace add-on by iEnterprise, users can connect their Google calendar, inbox, and Salesforce CRM all in Kiwi for Gmail. The tool allows a full view of Salesforce information while in Gmail, with the ability to view and edit relevant contact, lead, account, and opportunity information. While in an email thread, view sender details without ever having to leave Gmail. The tool also lets you reply and compose emails using your Salesforce email templates. Save Salesforce users even more time by allowing them to easily access Salesforce without leaving their inbox.

  • Insightly - If you use Insightly, then Insightly’s CRM Sidebar add-on is a must-have. With this tool, search across all Insightly records, including tasks, contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, and projects, all without having to resort back to the web browser to manage your CRM. This tool helps users stay on top of their relationships on the fly. It allows them to use personalized templates, both pre-made and created right there on the spot. With just one click, you can even view LinkedIn profiles right from your inbox.

  • Zoho CRM - Zoho CRM add-on lets you view contact details even while in an email chain. You can also create and manage your lead information and email activity with a click of a button. Zoho add-on users can even click to launch your CRM from your inbox and have a specific lead or contact profile open right up. Zoho CRM for Gmail helps keep your contact information up to date and without the need to leave your inbox. This enables you to be more productive with both Gmail and your CRM system.

  • Pipedrive CRM - Add valuable sales and client context directly to your Kiwi for Gmail app. With Pipedrive CRM, you can do all of the same things. With the ability to track calls, emails, contact history, and more, users can gain complete visibility into their relationships without tabbing to and from the web browser.

These are a few of the Gmail Add-ons companies use with Kiwi. Now you can save even more time not having to switch contexts, so you can just get things done! If you haven't tried Kiwi yet - try any plan free, for two weeks or contact sales if your team needs a little more time to try it out.


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