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Cut It Out and Get It Done: Suggestions for a Productive Spring

At Kiwi, we’re big proponents of productivity. But there are several pesky habits that sometimes make our lives a lot harder...and we often don’t even realize how much they can impact our ability to get things done. This blog post will summarize these problems and, in true Kiwi for Gmail fashion, give you some actionable takeaways to make you more productive!

Cluttered Space

Clutter is proven to be a stressor. If you can’t find anything in your office, it takes longer to complete tasks and causes you frustration. There’s such a thing as electronic clutter as well. When your inbox is cluttered, your mind can feel messy too. Our tip? Use Kiwi for Gmail’s Focus Filtered View to clean up and organize your inbox.

Too Much Coffee

Cut back on the java! While there are certainly perks to caffeine, it can make you jittery and dehydrated. It also restricts the blood flow to your brain which can cause headaches…. neither of which are ideal for a productive day at work. If you’re waking up early to send emails and immediately reaching for your mug, the lack of sleep paired with caffeine is also a cause of headaches. With Gmail’s Boomerang feature, available on Kiwi for Gmail, you can schedule your emails ahead of time and hit snooze on your early morning alarm.


People like to talk. And it’s distracting. When you’re in the office, you can use noise cancelling headphones to create a quiet space around you. For email interruptions, it’s a little more difficult. By flipping Kiwi for Gmail’s Zen Switch, you can cut out the digital noise from spammers, and focus on what matters.

Thinking You're Perfect

You are NOT perfect. (No offense). Some days will be more productive than others

And there's always Kiwi for Gmail to help you out.


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