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For those who can never keep their inbox at zero

Stop feeling like you’ve let yourself (or others down) if you have an overrun inbox and can never get it down to zero. The concept of Inbox Zero is really a goal and not a deliverable. Keeping up on your emails is vital to the people sending you the emails (and the ones you send out to others) and is even more heavily relied upon (and less time-consuming than a meeting) since working from home has taken over the workforce. If you’re struggling to find emails and simply do not have the time to get your inbox down to zero - why not try Kiwi for Gmail’s Focused Filtered Inbox. It’s been around for a while and is now available in more Kiwi plans. Let it help you find your emails faster so you can focus on what really matters - replying back and actioning on the emails in your inbox. You can choose your view based on what’s important to you and cut the noise to a shortlist of your more relevant emails.

  • On: Just click the filter icon, and your options will appear!

  • Today View: Find emails you received within 1,2,3,4 or 7 days

  • Unread: Only see ones you haven’t read yet

  • Important: Show Important flagged emails

  • Attachment: Show emails with attachments

  • Starred: Show Starred emails

  • Mix, Match & Stack: you can have all of the filters applied or any combo you wish!

  • Off: Kiwi remembers the last filters you had applied - so don’t forget to click the filter icon when you're done!

Focus Filters aren’t the only one-clicks Kiwi for Gmail has for your inbox. You can also get one-click access to switch to other Google Apps like Contacts, Calendar, Cloud Search, and other Workspace Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive! Everything at your fingertips and in your inbox. Do you already use Kiwi? Fill out this quick survey and let us know what features and filters you want to see in Kiwi next. Do you want to know more about Kiwi features and how they can be used to get the most out of Gmail & Google Workspace Apps? Sign up for our Newsletter here.


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