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Get More Done with XO: Kiwi's Innovative AI Companion Chatbot

XO AI Companion for Kiwi for Gmail

Have you ever wished for an assistant to help you manage your emails, workspace, and documents? If you're like most people, you're probably juggling multiple tasks every day. It can be overwhelming! But don't worry, we've got great news for you. Kiwi has launched the innovative AI companion chatbot, XO, designed to help you work more efficiently and productively. With XO, you can draft emails, create document outlines, summarize meeting notes and other texts, and more! Launching on January 23, with new features and functionality coming soon, XO is a must-have for all Gmail and workspace app users.

Are you wondering how XO can benefit you? Here are some of the exciting features you can expect from XO:

Email Optimization:

Are you tired of crafting lengthy emails and still not getting a response? Give XO a prompt as simple as "Hey XO, write an email to my boss letting him know the sales pitch went well and outline some next steps", and XO will handle all the heavy lifting. In future releases, XO uses AI to analyze your emails and suggest the best response for you.

Document Outlining:

Do you often create long documents and struggle to keep them organized? XO can help you by generating an outline of your document. Simply summarize your document, and XO will generate an outline, including headings and subheadings. This can save you valuable time by streamlining the document creation process.

Meeting Notes Summarization:

Do you struggle to keep track of important points discussed during a meeting? XO can help you by summarizing meeting notes in a concise and easy-to-understand format. It can even highlight action items and important points to help you prioritize your follow-up tasks. Simply paste your meeting transcript into XO and ask it to deliver some key points.

Coming Soon to XO

Smart Reply:

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the number of emails in your inbox? XO can help you by suggesting quick responses for simple emails. You can save time by clicking XO's suggested response rather than writing a lengthy email yourself.

Email scheduling:

Do you ever forget to send important emails or lose track of follow-up emails? XO can help you by suggesting the best time to send your emails based on the recipient's time zone and email habits. You can also schedule your emails to be sent later at your convenience.

If you're looking to enhance your productivity, streamline your workflow, and manage your emails and workspace more efficiently, XO is the perfect tool for you. With its innovative features powered by AI, XO is a must-have for all Gmail and workspace app users. Try XO today and experience the difference!

An active Kiwi subscription is required to use XO.


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