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Google Calendar and Gmail: How to Use Them Together

Google programs were made to complement each other and their features integrate between applications. Gmail and Google Calendar work seamlessly together, allowing the user to easily schedule meetings with a colleague or have their daily agenda emailed to them. Here’s how Google Calendar and Gmail work together.

Create and Manage Events from Gmail

Emails related to events, such as flights, reservations, concerts, and more automatically get added to your calendar. If you don’t want a specific event added to your calendar, you can delete the event from your calendar. If you want to disable the feature entirely, it can be changed via your settings so that events aren’t automatically added when you receive the corresponding email. By default, only you can see your events added from Gmail, even if you’ve shared your calendar with others. There is an option to enable event visibility with others if you choose to do so. You can also create events based on email conversations. If you are conversing with a colleague about setting up a meeting, you can create an event for the meeting from that email, and Google will put it on both of your calendars.

Get Your Daily Agenda Emailed to You

Google Calendar will automatically email your daily agenda to you if you enable it to do so. In your Calendar, go into your settings to enable this feature. This is a great way to see your daily agenda without toggling between Gmail and G Calendar.

Kiwi Allows for Seamless Integration Between Gmail and G Calendar

To maximize the integration possibilities between Gmail and G Calendar, the Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 and Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 for Google Workspace can help. Seamlessly navigate all your email accounts in one place and save yourself the hassle of toggling through multiple tabs on your browser. Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 includes an Address Book in a slide-out panel containing all your contacts, making scheduling events a breeze. To learn more about Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 and Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 for Google Workspace, go to our Pricing page to find out which version of Kiwi is right for you.


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