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Google Products for Productivity

Google products were made with user productivity and colleague collaboration in mind. But instead of taking up space on your hard drive, all Google applications are stored on the cloud-based Google Drive. As workplace culture continually shifts toward remote workspaces, Google products are the ultimate companion for the work-from-home employee.

Here’s a breakdown of some of Google’s best products for productivity.


Gmail is not your run-of-the-mill email service provider for sending and receiving messages. Gmail was made with productive and efficient email communication in mind. Filters, folders, and labels help you keep your inbox organized and allow you to prioritize what’s important and weed out what’s not.


The days of keeping a little black book on your desk to store all your contact information is long gone. Google Contacts allows you to store emails, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other information about your contacts all in one place.


Google Calendar replaces your need for a physical calendar or planner. It will even sync to your phone, so you’ll receive pop-up reminders when it’s almost time for that conference call or lunch meeting. You can also share your calendar with co-workers or family members so they know your schedule. The color-coding feature allows you to assign a color to specific types of tasks, as well.


Google Docs is a cloud-based system that is the perfect solution for collaborating with co-workers remotely. It saves all your changes in real time and doesn’t take up storage on your hard drive. When you share a document with a co-worker in Google Docs, you control their permissions-allowing them viewer-only or editing privileges. You can also include comments on your documents when sharing them with others.


Google Sheets are spreadsheets with many useful features. There are tools to format cells, leave comments for other users, create QR codes, import data from a website, apply filters, and much more. Similar to Google Docs, Sheets can be shared with other collaborators.


Google Slides allows you to create presentation slides and share them with others. Need to create a proposal for a prospective client? Google Sheets has you covered.

Kiwi for Google Workspace

Kiwi is a desktop application that makes all the features of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) more accessible and convenient. Our Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 and Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 support popular gmail extensions, beginning with Grammarly, Zoom, Boomerang, and Right Inbox, with many more coming throughout 2021. You can add up to 6 multiple accounts on the Gmail app and up to 9 on the G Suite app, and you can conveniently use Gmail’s native interface offline. With the Kiwi’s Contacts pane, your contacts are at your fingertips. On Kiwi, calendar notifications are available on all your accounts, and you can view your calendars side by side in separate windows. Both apps have built-in improvements across Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. Go to our Pricing page to see a full list of all the features Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 offers.


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