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Hidden Gmail Features and How to Use Them

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a highly efficient and collaborative set of productivity tools designed for the workspace. With its wide range of applications, Google Workspace offers a multitude of features that can enhance productivity. It's worth exploring some of the hidden features of Google Workspace that you may not be aware of.

Microsoft Office to Workspace Compatibility

One of the notable features is the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents directly in Google Docs. Not only can you make edits, but you can also take advantage of the collaborative features of Google Workspace, allowing you to work seamlessly with others without the need to convert file types.

Connected Sheets

Another powerful feature is Connected Sheets, which becomes active when you use the Sheets data connector. With this feature, you can analyze massive amounts of data, up to 10 billion rows, thanks to the unlimited storage space provided by Google Workspace's cloud storage.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant integration is another useful aspect of Google Workspace. It can integrate with Gmail and G Calendar, providing assistance in various tasks. For example, if you're on the go and can't recall the exact time of your next meeting, simply ask Google Assistant. It can also help with rescheduling meetings, making it a valuable tool for managing your calendar.

Calendar Management

Speaking of calendar management, Google Workspace offers a helpful feature called Calendar Scheduling. This feature can find an available block of time on your calendar and automatically schedule appointments or meetings for you, saving you time and effort.


The Explore feature in Google Workspace is designed to facilitate research and exploration. It suggests relevant content and trends based on the project you're working on, helping you discover valuable information related to your work.


Version Control is another feature that can prove extremely useful. In Google Docs, where documents are saved in real-time, it's not uncommon for collaborators to make unintended edits. Version Control allows you to review past versions of a document, making it easy to revert to an earlier version if necessary, thus reducing the headache of dealing with messy edits.

Grammar & Spell Check

In addition to spell-check, Google Docs also offers grammar suggestions. This feature thoroughly analyzes your documents to ensure grammatical accuracy, giving you confidence before sharing your work with colleagues.

Third Party Apps To Further Enhance This Experience

To further enhance your Google Workspace experience, you can consider using the Kiwi for Gmail application. Tailored to support businesses operating remotely, Kiwi for Gmail provides convenient features like an integrated Cloud search button on your desktop. This allows you to quickly find everything you need without having to navigate multiple applications. Collaborating with colleagues is now easier than ever with Kiwi for Gmail.

So, dive into the vast features and capabilities of Google Workspace, and make the most out of this robust suite of tools for enhanced productivity in the workspace.


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