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How AI Can Revolutionize Your Daily Tasks with Gmail

AI assistant for Gmail and Workspace Apps

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken a massive leap in the industry. From voice assistants to self-driving cars, AI has become an indispensable part of our lives. In recent years, AI has been integrated into Gmail – Google's email service provider –to help users save time while performing daily tasks like writing emails, creating meeting agendas, document and presentation outlines, and more. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use AI to revolutionize your daily tasks with Gmail using tools available, and new and exciting tools entering the chat.

Writing Emails:

AI-powered Gmail offers a feature called Smart Compose that suggests complete sentences based on your writing style. This feature makes writing emails a breeze, saving you time and reducing the risk of spelling or grammar errors. Once enabled, Smart Compose will offer suggestions to complete your sentence when it recognizes what you're writing. For instance, if you type, “I hope you are doing well,” Smart Compose will suggest options such as, “and I apologize for the late response” or “and I look forward to seeing you soon.” Kiwi for Gmail will soon offer something similar - a GPT-4 powered chatbot built right into Kiwi, so you can optimize your workflow in Gmail and Google related products and never leave the Kiwi app.

Creating Meeting Agendas:

Gmail users can use AI to create a well-structured agenda for their meetings. Using natural language processing techniques, tools like XO can be prompted to help you write a clear and concise agenda based on who is attending the meeting, any important meeting information you provide, insights on meeting topics and more. Soon, XO can help you review email exchanges and calendar invites and suggest the ideal time and date for your meeting.

Document and Presentation Outlines:

Google's AI-powered tool, Outline, helps users quickly organize their documents and presentations with a simple click. This tool reads through the entire document and creates a bulleted outline that summarizes the main points of your document. This feature is especially helpful when creating presentations or when you want to get a quick overview of a lengthy document. When using a tool like XO, simply ask it something like "create a presentation outline for my annual Sales and Marketing meeting 2024 for Kiwi for Gmail", and it will get to work in a flash.

Smart Reply:

Gmail's Smart Reply feature uses AI to offer quick and efficient responses to incoming emails. This feature uses machine learning to analyze the content of the email and provides three possible responses that can be used in response to the email. Once clicked, the response is automatically sent to the sender, saving you time and effort. Looking for something a little more robust? Ask a tool like XO "Hey, write a casual email to my boss, Eric, letting him know the sales pitch with Alda went well." XO will curate a response based on your prompts that you can then take and paste into the body of an email.


Gmail's AI-powered translation feature enables users to read and respond to emails in different languages. This feature makes it easy to communicate effectively with people who speak other languages. Once enabled, Gmail will automatically detect the language of the email and offer the option to translate the email into the language of your choice.

In conclusion, AI-powered Gmail features are designed to help users save time and streamline their daily tasks. These features provide simple solutions to tasks that once took several minutes or even hours to complete. Smart Compose, Meeting Agenda Insights, Outline, Smart Reply, and Translation speed up your work process, reduce the risk of errors, and ultimately provide you with a more efficient and better user experience. So why not give it a try? Explore and take advantage of the AI-powered features in Gmail, and simplify your life. And if you're really reaching for peak-productivity in Gmail and Workspace, take a look at Kiwi's XO, the AI-Companion for Gmail and Workspace.


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