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How Kiwi Saves You Time Each Day

One of the main reasons people love using Kiwi is that it saves them time. Sometimes the biggest time wasters are the numerous seemingly small things that you do repeatedly during the course of your day. Time spent doing routine things like finding files or switching back and forth between documents really adds up over time. Not only does Kiwi shave time off these routine tasks, but it will also reduce frustration and make you feel like you're spending more of your day getting things done.

Companies use Kiwi for G Suite to provide their employees with a desktop-like experience for Gmail and productivity applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The uniqueness of Kiwi is that it works as a full-featured desktop application that is fully integrated with each user’s computer operating system and file system.

Here are a few of the ways Kiwi will save you time.

Reduce Your inbox Clutter

One of the fundamental problems people have is the noise that floods their inboxes and makes it difficult to find what they need when they need it. Kiwi's Focus Filtered Inbox simplifies your life by filtering out email noise and focusing you on what's important. It provides a dynamic inbox that can filter out email noise with a set of persistent filters you can mix, match, and flip on and off with a single click. The Focus Filtered Inbox allows you to choose your view based on Date, Importance, Unread, Attachments and Starred. Or you can combine filters based on what you want to see to focus your view even more.

Improve Your Ability to Multi-task

Removing Gmail and G Suite from the browser means you can multi-task like never before by opening documents in their own windows from across applications and accounts. By turning Google Apps into a full desktop office suite that rivals Microsoft Office 365, we’ve transformed Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides by integrating them into the desktop experience in ways that simple aren't possible in the Quickly browser.

Quickly Find the Documents You Need

Stop spending time hunting for documents. Because Kiwi is integrated with your computer’s file system and with Drive, it's this easy to find exactly what you need or get back to your work. Kiwi even restores the windows you had open on restart so you don’t have to spend time each day reopening what you were working on the day before. Plus it works seamlessly across all your accounts.

Access Applications More Easily

Kiwi’s intuitive toolbar on the left side of the traditional Gmail interface provides quick access to all G Suite applications and documents. This means Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are suddenly only one-click away and become more usable than ever before.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Frequent Tasks

Studies have shown that using keyboard shortcuts allows people to work 10 times faster than working with the mouse. Mastering them will save you seconds, or even minutes, across a variety of frequently performed activities. This can really add up over the course of your workday. We've created a number of helpful keyboard shortcuts to save you even more time when using Kiwi. Once you learn them, you'll definitely notice a boost to productivity because you're not unnecessarily reaching for a mouse. Unique keyboard shortcuts are available in Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite and start getting more done with fewer clicks.

Limit Interruptions (Stop switching contexts)

Staying focused on the task at hand is probably the single best way to increase productivity. Each interruption not only takes you away from what you’re working on, but requires time to get back on track. Kiwi's Zen Switch let's you temporarily shut out all the noise of email by hiding email counts, badges, and notifications until tomorrow. You'll still get notifications from other apps - just not email. Focus, without cutting off the outside world.

Get More Out of Your Multiple Monitors (or single large monitor)

Using a large screen or multiple monitors to do your work is all about being more productive. However, how can you the get the most out of those monitors? Applications like G Suite are great, but their browser-based interfaces don’t lend themselves to take advantage of multiple screens. The key is to choose applications, like Kiwi, that enable better productivity by allowing you to use all of your screen space as efficiently as possible. The trouble with many web-based applications is that they are browser-based. This makes it difficult to open multiple windows and you need to toggle back and forth which wastes time.

Quickly Share Even the Largest Files

Sending large files using Drive can be frustrating. So frustrating, that many people prefer to use applications like Dropbox to attach big files to their emails. But using Dropbox involves several steps and takes time. You have to copy the file, find Dropbox folder, paste it, wait for it to upload, right click it and copy link, open browser, find the right Gmail tab, make sure in right account, click compose, paste that link, and then they have an ugly link in an email. With Kiwi, you just right click the file and share ANY size file with ease. Outside the browser, Google Drive is suddenly your best friend. We've made Drive work seamlessly across multiple accounts and integrated it with the OS file system.


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