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How to get Gmail as a Desktop App

Have you ever wished that you could access your Gmail account without having to open up a web browser? Now, thanks to Kiwi for Gmail, you can do just that! With this powerful desktop application, you can take Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides out of the browser and transform them into powerful, standalone desktop applications for both Mac and Windows. Let’s find out more about how this amazing app works.

What is Kiwi for Gmail?

Kiwi for Gmail is a desktop application that lets you access all of your Google services from one simple application. You can use it to access your email accounts (including multiple Gmail accounts), as well as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. It also offers a variety of features that make managing your emails and other documents much easier than if you were using the web browser version.

One of the biggest advantages of using Kiwi for Gmail is the ability to manage multiple email accounts at once. You no longer have to log in and out multiple times just to check different accounts; instead, you can simply switch between accounts within the same window. Additionally, when an email arrives in one account that needs attention from another account (like a message sent from an employer but meant for an employee), Kiwi allows you to quickly reply from either account without having to switch back and forth between them.

Kiwi also offers several other useful features such as drag-and-drop attachments (no more copy-pasting!), customizable themes so you can personalize your experience, and even built-in task management tools so you can keep track of what needs to be done. It also offers better security than using a web browser because all of your data is stored locally on your computer or mobile device rather than on a server somewhere else in the world.

For anyone who wants to take their Google experience beyond the web browser, Kiwi for Gmail is an incredible option. Not only does it offer features like task management tools and drag-and-drop attachments that make managing emails easier than ever before—but it also provides better security since all of your data is stored locally on your device rather than on a server somewhere else in the world. So if you’re tired of dealing with slow browsers or constantly having to log in/out of different accounts just to check emails or documents—give Kiwi for Gmail a try today! It might just be the perfect solution for taking control over how you use Google services!


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