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Introducing Kiwi Minions

We all know and love Google’s Doodles; the various interactive art pieces that adorn Google’s main search window every day. Usually, the Google Doodles reflect current events, highlight new artists, or draw attention to an important social movement. Other times, the Doodles are just, well, Doodles! Arbitrary drawings are placed there to make you smile.

We loved the Doodles SO much that we decided to go a similar route. Think, “Google Doodles Meets Bonzi Buddy or Microsoft’s Clippy” - and from there, Kiwi Minions were born! These Minions don’t really DO anything - they won’t start bombarding you with little pop-ups, and they certainly won’t suggest different forms of ClipArt or WordArt to use - but they ARE going to be there when you need them for a laugh, or even just for moral support.

They are being introduced to you here today, but keep an eye out for them popping up on our social feeds, e-mails, and our website in the near future!

Without further adieu, meet Bleu, Blaze, Kiwi, Sunny & Ned - The Kiwi Minions. Our own doodles, simply here to make you smile. Stay tuned for Minion Mini Bios coming soon.


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