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We’re going to make it even easier for you to keep up with Kiwi with a weekly newsletter. It’s been a goal of ours to create our very own newsletter for a long time. This will allow us to start a conversation over a broad range of topics, especially for you to tell your story. Whether you’re just working from home and need some help thinking outside of the box, find better ways of doing things, or an Entrepreneur trying to stay focused on your next big thing - our Newsletter will provide you with the extra arsenal in your tool belt that will make a difference.

Subscribe to The Kiwi Newsletter today and start receiving

  • Helpful tips for Kiwi for Gmail Users

  • Hear how real people and teams are saving time with Kiwi and anything else!

  • Special Kiwi offers you won’t find anywhere else

  • What’s up in with Google, Mac, Windows & Kiwi

  • Helpful tips & warnings for and from people working from home (How to get more done, by doing less!)

  • Get early access to new things we’re working on before everyone else!

We want you to be a part of the conversation.

We don’t just want to fill your inbox with noise! We wrestled with content that we all could benefit from, so we’ve got it started, but we want to know what new ways to work inspire you, what’s working or not! So please become a member of our Kiwi family by letting us know...

  • What you’re struggling with

  • What looks promising

  • Tools you’ve tried that worked or didn’t

  • What you are triumphant about

  • You can even let us know what hot topics you want to read about in the Newsletter!

  • Or you can lurk; we all do it - and it’s okay!

We hope this will welcome an addition to your inbox and encourage you to subscribe here.


Kiwi Newsletter

A weekly email that will provide information and knowledge on who we are, what we do, and how real people save real-time. You'll also receive sneak peeks on the things we're working on, helpful tips, and special offers.

Coming Soon: For companies or teams that are larger than 100K, you will also receive our Big Business Series that will enable you to be more productive with faster collaboration among a distributed team. If you have any questions or challenges, just let us know!


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