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Kiwi 4.0

Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 Launching June 20, 2023

Are you ready to take email organization and productivity up a notch? If so, it's time to get excited about the launch of Kiwi for Gmail 4.0! This new version is packed with incredible features backed by powerful technologies that will allow you to make managing your inbox easier and more efficient than ever before. With comprehensive sorting capabilities, an intuitive user interface, integrated calendar system, sophisticated analytics dashboard and much more; Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 offers everything necessary organize your emails quickly and easily - all in one place. Read on to learn more about how this revolutionary tool can help transform your inbox management experience starting June 2023!

The Basics

Most users know that Kiwi for Gmail is a much smarter alternative to the browser - but did you know that Kiwi saves your machine from the resource hogging effects of working in Chrome? Kiwi has always been a welcome resource saver on your Mac or Windows computer, but with the launch of Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 - we introduce an entirely rebuilt foundation and backend, making the application faster, more efficient, and even less of burden to your machine - weighing in at half the size of Kiwi 3.0. At the surface, it may not look like much - but trust us, your desktop or laptop will love this new app.

Dark Mode & Custom Colors

With this new build, you can customize your email interface with custom colors and a dark mode – making your daily email tasks that much easier!

Your accounts will never get mixed up again, with our easy to use color-coding feature. At a glance you’ll know which account you’re operating in, increasing your efficiency and productivity instantly. Plus, you can tailor the colors to your liking and express yourself while you tackle your mail list.

But it doesn’t stop there! You can also switch into Dark Mode on days when there isn’t enough light in the office or if eyestrain becomes an issue over long periods of time. This is a highly requested update that we’re excited to finally bring you – now, no matter what time of day or night you work, Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 has got your back!

Come experience this new update for yourself – trust us – once you take it for a spin, you won’t go back. Get ready to take charge of your inbox with style and grace: try out Kiwi For Gmail!


But wait, there's more.

This new build allows us to deliver on our commitment to our ever-evolving product pipeline. With Kiwi 4.0, we will launch Tabbed Workspaces and Google Meet Functionality.

Tabbed Workspaces and Google Meet Functionality.

Tabbed Workspaces

Whether you're juggling work, school, or personal email, Kiwi for Gmail 4.0 offers tabbed workspaces that are designed to make managing it all a breeze.

Take control of your productivity with cleverly nested documents so you can keep everything organized by type (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides), by account (Personal, Work, School), or whichever way feels best for you to optimize productivity and efficiency.

No more searching through windows of separate docs to find what you need; simply create one workspace per project so that all open documents stay in one place and are easy to access.

Make sure all your projects are completed on time and with maximum efficiency with this user friendly platform. Enjoy decreased stress levels while knowing you no longer have to search endlessly for important emails or documents - now you can locate them instantly! Enjoy less frustration as the tedious tasks of sorting out which emails take priority becomes a thing of the past.

Whats better, is that you can also nest your calendars! One window with all of your calendars - never miss a meeting again!

Google Meet

With Google Meet functionality built into the app, you'll never have to leave Kiwi again. Gone are the days of switching between browsers or searching for applications—everything is right here at your fingertips. The added Meet window also offers special features you won't find on other platforms.

While we can't reveal all the news just yet, you'll know definitely want to check back in Fall 2023 and get a sneak peek at all Kiwi 4.0 has to offer! It's an experience that will completely change how you view using and engaging with your Workspace products. Don't miss out—get ready for this groundbreaking update from Kiwi for Gmail!


The Fine Print

These changes will automatically update with 4.0 and 4.x releases throughout the year, beginning in June 2023. Kiwi will increase the prices for all new customers beginning in October 2023.

All Kiwi for Gmail users currently on a paid subscription (Standard, Premium, Elite or Teams, or former Business, Premium or Professional Plans) will benefit from everything Kiwi 4.0 has to offer, and all 4.X releases. The app will automatically update at Launch.

As a reminder to our friends on a Legacy Core plan - Core licenses expire with the launch of 4.0. As instructed via email communications to our Core user base for the past several months - we will no longer offer access to Kiwi 4.0 with this plan. For more information regarding the sunsetting of the Core plan, or guidance on determining which plan you are on, click here.


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