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Kiwi for Gmail Beats Shift, MailBird, and Mailspring According to G2 Reviews

Have you ever wanted to use Gmail with more features than are available in the browser-based version? A desktop application that can manage up to 9 Gmail and Google Workspace accounts in one interface is exactly what you need! And according to a review panel by G2, Kiwi for Gmail is the clear winner. Let’s take a look at why it beat out competitors Shift, Mailbird, Mailspring, CanaryMail and Mailplane.

Features of Kiwi for Gmail

Kiwi for Gmail is a desktop application that transforms your browser-based tools into robust and powerful desktop applications. It offers users all the features of Gmail along with keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop capabilities, better search functions, customer support, multiple accounts management in one place, offline access support for remote working scenarios etc. In short - it takes your Gmail experience to a whole new level.

Why Kiwi Beat Out Competitors

According to G2’s review panel of over 1 million users who have used the different platforms side by side, Kiwi for Gmail came out on top as the best overall productivity tool compared to Shift, Canary Mail and Mailplane due to its faster loading speeds and easier navigation capabilities. The platform also supports some of the most popular operating systems includes macOS devices and Windows or PC, and allows you to switch between these platforms under 1 licesnse.

Kiwi also offers users real-time notifications when they receive an email so they don’t have to constantly check their inboxes throughout the day. This feature will help increase efficiency by freeing up time that would otherwise be spent manually checking your inbox every few minutes. With this feature you can easily keep track of emails even when away from your desk or computer. Additionally, there are no ads on this platform which makes browsing much smoother and easier for users who don’t want any distractions while trying to work productively on their emails. This was another major reason why it was given top marks by G2’s review panel compared to other competitors. Don't want real-time notifications? No worries - you can take advantage of Kiwi's DND switch, that pauses notifications until your ready to receive them.

Kiwi for Gmail clearly has some distinct advantages over its competitors according its review panel from G2 - making it an obvious choice if you're looking for a desktop application that will help manage multiple gmail accounts in one place. Its intuitive design makes navigating through emails easy while its fast loading speeds help save time throughout the day - allowing customers more time back in their day that would otherwise be spent manually checking their inboxes every few minutes or dealing with ads slowing down their workflow process. All these features make Kiwi a great option if you're looking for an advanced way to manage your Gmail accounts without any hassle or distraction!


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