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Manage Multiple Gmail Calendars with Kiwi for Gmail

These days, email clients have almost become a default app on our devices. However, with the abundance of options available, choosing the right one to meet your needs can be a daunting task. While most clients are focused on just email management, sometimes you need a comprehensive suite of tools to help you accomplish more in a day. That's where Kiwi for Gmail comes in - it's more than just an email client. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing how Kiwi for Gmail can help manage multiple Google calendars with ease.

Kiwi for Gmail offers a variety of features, including reminders, desktop Google Drive, and the ability to manage multiple email accounts. It’s also designed with multitasking in mind, making it convenient for people that work with multiple Google applications.

If you have multiple calendar schedules, there’s no need to switch between Chrome tabs or native apps. Kiwi for Gmail enables you to have all your Google Calendar accounts in one place, accessible in a separate window. This feature is a game changer and can save you time as you don't have to toggle between different tabs.

Another excellent feature provided by Kiwi for Gmail is the ability to view your calendars in a split-screen view-able alongside your inbox. This is highly useful for users that need to check the details of their appointments while composing or reading their emails. It's a real time-saver.

Also, being able to see multiple calendars side by side makes scheduling meeting events more manageable. For instance, there’s no need to cross-compare schedules manually; the relevant calendars are side-by-side, so you can view them at the same time.

Kiwi for Gmail also offers customizable keyboard shortcuts, including the ones for your Google Calendars. You can further enhance your productivity by setting up shortcuts for different calendar views and other commonly used features. As a result, you can navigate between calendars around the app quickly.

Finally, Kiwi for Gmail notifies users about upcoming events and appointments, even when the main window isn't active. Therefore, you don't have to worry about missing essential events when working on other projects.

Kiwi for Gmail is a complete suite for managing your Google accounts and getting productive. With its excellent features for managing multiple Google Calendars, you can be sure of managing your time better, and you never have to miss an important appointment. If you're on the fence about which email and productivity suite to try, Kiwi for Gmail is undoubtedly worth checking out. Give it a spin, and you’ll be impressed!

Download Kiwi for Gmail today, and take control of your google calendars!


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