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Productivity Tips to Start Fresh Again

Spring has come and a quarter of the year 2021 has already passed! Staying competitive requires us to take a fresh new look at how we utilize our digital tools. Gmail and Workspace can be even more useful for us when we know how to maximize its potential. Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite makes all of these tools more accessible.

Google Tools

For an overview of Google Products’ features, check out our summary article from last week on Google Products for Productivity. We also made a reference to how we can leverage Google Workspace's Hidden Features to work to our advantage.

Did you know you can Use Gmail and Google Calendar Together? Check out our tips on using them both efficiently to save your time and energy today.

Stress Management

Are you finding yourself stressed out? Turn to our tips on how to Manage COVID Fatigue and Stay Productive. We also have great ideas on helping manage your email inbox more efficiently: 3 Tips to Make Your Inbox More Manageable and Finding Your Hard-To-Find Emails at Your Fingertips.

Goals and Productivity

Finding yourself a bit behind your New Year’s Resolutions? You’re not alone. Check out our tips on How To Minimize Distractions and Increase Productivity!

Competitive Pricing

Don’t miss out on these tips and tricks to make your workday less stressful and more productive! Check out our competitive pricing for Gmail and Workspace products, Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite, by Signing Up Here. If you are not sure which plan works best, you can try it for free for 15 days. For enterprise and businesses, Contact our Sales Team Here or via Chat.


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