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The Secret to Work Efficiency: Kiwi for Gmail and Google Workspace

Are you looking to make your work experience more efficient? Does it seem like you’re constantly switching between browser tabs and multiple accounts throughout the day? Then you need to know about Kiwi for Gmail. It’s the perfect desktop Gmail and Google Workspace experience that allows teams to work collaboratively, securely, and offline. Plus, a side-by-side comparison by G2 shows that it beats out Shift, Canary Mail, MailPlane, and others! Let's take a closer look at why this is the perfect tool for efficiency.

Collaboration & Connectivity

Kiwi for Gmail makes it easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues in real time without having to switch between browser tabs or accounts. The app allows users to have multiple accounts open simultaneously in one window so they can easily keep track of progress across different projects. Plus, Google's hangout feature lets team members communicate quickly and easily in real time. This helps individuals stay connected no matter where they are or what project they are working on.

Security & Privacy

The best part about Kiwi for Gmail is its commitment to security and privacy. It uses end-to-end encryption technology which means all data is protected from any third parties. This ensures that all of your confidential information is kept safe from prying eyes - even if someone were able to get access to your account, they wouldn't be able to view any of your sensitive data. Kiwi relies on Google's OAuth, so no data is stored directly in Kiwi, unlike other products on the market.

Offline Mode & More

Another great feature of Kiwi for Gmail is its offline mode which allows users to continue working even when they don’t have internet access or a reliable connection. This ensures that progress isn't lost due to an unreliable connection or interrupted signal - plus it's great if you're just trying to save on battery life! Additionally, the app has numerous other features such as customizable themes, widgets, notifications settings, keyboard shortcuts, custom fields in emails (for tracking purposes), etc., making it a must-have tool for anyone who wants their work process streamlined & efficient!

Kiwi for Gmail is the perfect desktop Gmail and Google Workspace experience for teams who want their workday streamlined and secure. Every team member can keep track of progress across projects with ease thanks to its built-in chat feature; plus security & privacy are top priority – so everyone can rest assured knowing their confidential information will be kept safe from third parties! And when you need some breathing room from work – just turn on Offline Mode so you still have access to documents while taking a break from being online! CMOs, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and Sales Leaders – this one’s definitely worth checking out!

Check out Kiwi for Teams today!


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