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Top 3 Tips for Administrative Assistants Using G Suite

Administrative Assistants are the unsung heroes of every organization.. They operate behind the scenes to make sure things get done and that offices operate efficiently. In companies that use G Suite, Gmail and its other apps provide great functionality that Administrative Assistants can use to get more organized and improve the way they communicate and collaborate with the people they support.

But Kiwi for G Suite provides a better way for Administrative Assistants to access Gmail and G Suite by taking them out of the browser and turning them into standalone desktop applications. This makes it easier to manage and work on multiple tasks at once by being able to work in multiple windows instead of in tabs.

Here are a few tips we’ve found really appeal to Administrative Assistants and help those around them be more productive.

1. Seamlessly Handle Multiple Accounts

Whether you're someone's assistant or just stepping in for your manager for a week, Kiwi makes it easy to work with up to 6 different accounts. You can compose and respond to Gmail messages or schedule and coordinate Calendar events on someone else's behalf. In addition to providing seamless access, Kiwi includes key features which make the whole process more intuitive.

  • Unique and assignable colors for each account

  • Simple to switch between accounts

  • Ability to search your drive folders by color for each manager

  • Ability to restore your work space upon restart

  • Ability to send large files with one click to several accounts

2. Organize your inbox with Kiwi’s Focus Filtered Inbox

Email is among the most important (and stressful) things your and your managers deal with every day. One of the fundamental problems people have is the noise that floods their inboxes and makes it difficult to find what they need when they need it.

Google already provides several ways to filter Gmail inboxes so you can see more relevant messages. You can create filters to automatically delete, star, or forward your mail, and apply labels to relevant incoming messages. For example, your manager’s inbox might be full of irrelevant messages such as event acceptances and declines. You can set up a filter to have Kiwi for G Suite automatically archive them so your boss has a clean inbox and can focus on the most important messages.

Kiwi for G Suite recently launch our exclusive new Focus Filtered Inbox feature which provides a dynamic inbox that can filter out email noise with a set of persistent filters you can mix, match, and flip on and off with a single click. The Focus Filtered Inbox allows you to choose your view based on Date, Importance, Unread, Attachments and Starred. Or you can combine filters based on what you want to see to focus your view even more.

The idea is to make it so that your inbox is always clear with just a short list of emails to work through, but that you’re not locked into that view and can redefine it on the fly.

3. Save time with Kiwi’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Administrative assistants tend to be power users of productivity applications and love keyboard shortcuts. Mastering them can shave minutes off of various activities, which can really add up over the course of your workday. Studies calculate that using keyboard shortcuts allows people to work 10 times faster than working with the mouse.

We've created a number of helpful keyboard shortcuts to save you even more time. Once you learn them, you'll definitely notice a boost to productivity because you're not unnecessarily reaching for a mouse.

Start getting more done with fewer clicks with Keyboard shortcuts..


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