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Tremendously Helpful Plugins for Gmail Users (That integrate seamlessly with Kiwi for Gmail)

Gmail Plugins in Kiwi for Gmail

As a team full of Gmail power users, we are always looking for ways to streamline our workflow, increase productivity, and make the most of the Gmail and Workspace apps. Kiwi for Gmail, a desktop client that integrates with Gmail and brings all its features to your desktop, is constantly evolving and optimizing the workflow for our users.

Kiwi for Gmail, at it's core, is much more than an email client. Kiwi is an entire Desktop Office Suite for Gmail Products, that improves productivity and efficiency of Gmail users worldwide. We realize that there are many other valuable Gmail productivity tools out there, and in this blog, we will explore our favorite Kiwi for Gmail Plugins and each plugin's benefits.

Boomerang: If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur who works odd hours and wants to schedule emails for your clients or collaborators at convenient times, Boomerang can be a great addition. It lets you schedule emails, set reminders, and even enables you to remove previous emails from your inbox until a future date. Boomerang works seamlessly in Kiwi, and is accessible within our Plugins menu. Boomerang offers plans for a variety of different budgets, ranging from Free to $49 per month.

Grammarly: Good writing skills are crucial, especially in a professional setting. Grammarly plugin, integrated with Kiwi for Gmail, helps you correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors instantly. It also offers suggestions for improving sentence structure and tone. Grammarly provides users with a free option, or teams options at $15/month.

Right Inbox: Handling email templates, tracking sent emails, scheduling future emails, and creating recurring emails is easy with the Right Inbox plugin integrated with Kiwi for Gmail. It's a time saver and helps organize your inbox in a better way. Right Inbox offers three distinct plans ranging from Free to $14.95/month.

Gmail Reverse Conversation: If you're tired of scrolling down to check the preceding messages in a lengthy email thread, Gmail Reverse Conversation plugin can save you a lot of time. It rearranges the conversation view making it easier to keep track of previous replies. A budget-friendly tool, Gmail Reverse Conversation offers plans that are Free for users, or $4.95/month.

Zoom Scheduler: Remote meetings are now easier than ever before with the Zoom Scheduler plugin. Integrated with Kiwi for Gmail, you can schedule Zoom meetings with a single click within the Kiwi interface. A zoom account is required to use this plugin, and prices vary.

Virtru: If you're handling sensitive information and want to protect your emails from unauthorized access, Virtru plugin can encrypt your emails, attachments, and files. Visit Virtu's site for more detailed pricing options.

Coming soon to Kiwi: Hubspot and Salesforce integration. These integrations will enhance sales and marketing capabilities, enabling users to manage their leads and customer interactions directly within the Kiwi interface.

Kiwi for Gmail Plugins opens up new possibilities for Gmail power users. From scheduling emails to improving writing skills, handling templates, arranging lengthy threads, Zoom meetings, and encrypting emails. Kiwi for Gmail takes Gmail to another level and makes it easier to manage your workflow. Give it a try today!


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