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Work in Multiple Gmail Accounts at the same time!

With Kiwi, managing multiple Gmail and Workspace accounts is finally more accessible. Key features of Kiwi allow users to become a master of their inbox.

There are many reasons why users need multiple email accounts. The reality of managing multiple email accounts is brutal on the browser. It forces you to switch between accounts and restricts access when you do so. Have you tried to compare two Google Docs from two different accounts? You don’t have to wrestle with multiple browsers or tabbing between multiple accounts with Kiwi for Gmail. Rather than having to keep track of browsers and tabs, you can spend more time being more productive. Whether you’re managing people or tasks, Kiwi for Gmail keeps you on track.!

Unlike accessing your accounts from the browser, we architected a powerful specialized software that allows up to 9 accounts to be accessed simultaneously. With Kiwi, you aren't constantly getting signed out of your accounts every time you open a window. Instead, all your accounts work seamlessly, allowing you to access all docs, sheets, and slides you’ve worked on before you signed off. Check out which plans are best tailored for your needs here.

Beyond managing up to 9 email accounts, you can do so much more with Kiwi. Pulling up Google Workspace apps in separate windows side-by-side across all your accounts. Kiwi keeps track of which account you're in and viewing from, and it remembers which windows you had up when, where, and just how you left it-even across all your Gmail accounts! No more logging in every morning or pulling up multiple browser windows - stay signed in and get through more in your day.

With Kiwi, your accounts stay organized. Each account is color-coded - you have a beautiful set of colors to choose from. You can even switch the order of the accounts, so you see what you want, when, and where you want it.

Additionally, Kiwi lets you choose which accounts you want to get notifications for to keep you focused. You choose between never, always, or just when it's important. You can even change the sound for each inbox, so you tell which account it’s coming from. Make the most out of your Gmail accounts with Kiwi today!


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