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Zive Launches Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 for Enterprises and Remote Workers

New York, NY, April 09, 2020 - In response to the sudden and seismic shift to remote working over the past few weeks, Zive has accelerated the launch of Kiwi for G Suite 3.0, which contains added features that allow both individuals and workplaces to access enterprise level functionality.

In the past 60 days, Zive, an official Google G Suite Build Partner, has seen more than a 70% increase in the number of daily average users of the free version of its application. This increase in demand for Kiwi coincides with the dramatic rise in remote workers who rely on G Suite to do their jobs. And with more than 2 billion users and 6 million paying customers, tailoring how people access G Suite has become a key productivity driver for these people.

“Zive created Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 as a resource and solution for workplaces going fully remote to help make employees more productive and facilitate better collaboration among distributed teams,” says Eric Shashoua, CEO and Founder of Zive Inc. the maker of Kiwi for G Suite. Kiwi for Gmail 3.0 features are tailored to the needs of remote workers. This new release enables both individual employees and small teams to create accounts on their own, without having to wait for their entire company to sign up giving workers the flexibility to tailor Gmail and G Suite to the way they work.”

While telecommuting has been growing and gaining acceptance over the past decade, the speed and magnitude of this shift to remote working has introduced it to new members of the workforce who aren’t used to operating that way.

New Features Include:

  • Integrated Google Cloud Search - Find everything you need. Instantly. Cloud Search functionality is great but was limited in terms of accessibility and scope. Users were taken out of their existing workflows to access Cloud Search in the app or separate site. Kiwi for G-Suite’s latest release addresses these problems by completely integrating Cloud Search functionality with G-Suite making it more convenient to use. The new interface includes a dedicated icon button on the sidebar that will bring up a panel from the left containing the web view for Cloud Search, with your emails still in view. A shortcut is also available, opening and closing the panel to help users navigate their workday more efficiently. “One of Google Cloud’s key differentiators is its AI and machine learning capabilities. By making it easier to access and use, Kiwi makes it simple to sort through internal information and save time finding the information they need to do their job.” says Eric Shashoua, CEO and Founder of Zive Inc. the maker of Kiwi for G Suite.

  • Easily Accessible Address Book - All your Contacts. At your fingertips. Our easy to use slide out panel lets you find anyone you know any time you'd like without having to stop what you're doing.

  • Support for Video Conferencing Plug Ins - and more... We've just added integrated support for our users' most requested third-party applications, including leading video conferencing tools like Zoom, WebEx and BlueJeans. This saves people even more time but allowing them to easily schedule and participate in virtual meetings while working from home. Newly added plugins in this release include Zoom Scheduler, WebEx Scheduler, BlueJeans, Grammarly, Virtru and Gmail Reverse Conversation.

  • Ability to Manage Even More Accounts - Seamlessly Manage up to 9 Accounts. No more logging in and out of multiple accounts. Users can now use Kiwi with even more Gmail accounts so everything you need - files, messages, calendars and more - are right where you need them and can manage everything in one place.

  • New Admin Panel - Simple Billing and User Control. Kiwi now gives users the ability to easily access and update their billing information, account settings and user access. This not only helps large organizations better manage rollouts, but also empowers small teams to take control of implementing the tools their members need.

  • Direct Access to Enterprise Level Features Individual remote workers can now purchase Kiwi for G Suite directly giving them access to time saving features previously only available to large companies. Users no longer have to wait for their central IT to buy Kiwi and enable it for everyone.

  • More Flexible Licensing Options for Enterprises

Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 introduces flexible plans for both small and large businesses that allow them to start small and scale up as needed. Anyone within an enterprise can now sign up ad begin using Kiwi with their G Suite enabled work domain, They can then either continue with their own account, or be the administrator for a larger team or for their entire organization, and add as many additional users as needed over time.

Kiwi for G Suite 3.0 is available with a 15 day free trial and, for a limited time, 20% off the first year of a normal annual subscription.


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