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Zive Named One of "The 10 Most Innovative Google Solution Providers 2019"

We are very excited to announce that Insights Success magazine has named Zive one of the The 10 Most Innovative Google Solution Providers 2019. With over 500,000 readers and nearly 90,000 print copies distributed each month, Insights Success is a well-recognized platform for top business leaders and executives to share their view and experiences.

Insights Success spoke with Eric Shashoua, our CEO and Founder, about his experience building technology products and using design as a key differentiator. In addition to sharing some resourceful insights, he also talks about Zive’s approach to reshaping how cloud-based software is experienced along with our future goals to make people using applications like Google’s G Suite more productive.

The article, "Zive, Inc.: Designing Better Cloud-based Applications", also talks about how our enterprise product, Kiwi for G Suite, helps companies improve G Suite rollouts, increase user adoption and improve client retention. Companies transitioning to G Suite and the resellers that assist them often find the process of rolling out the new platform and onboarding new users difficult. Employees often miss the familiarity of Office and find using applications like Google Drive via the browser difficult. As a result, they often prefer to continue to use more intuitive and familiar alternatives. This can end up significantly raising the overall cost of deploying G Suite. When combined with slower than expected adoption among employees, CIOs may be tempted to reconsider their decisions to go with G Suite. Kiwi’s multiple windows and intuitive interface lets users work smarter by enabling them to quickly access each application, open new documents, and get back to recent documents with a single click.

Zive's passionate design philosophy for creating humanistic, friendly products that are also powerful, not only makes the tools applications like G Suite more useful, but also more elegant and intuitive.


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